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  1. Thank-you for changing the spelling in the title of "trap". Couldn't figure out how to get back there. T.
  2. That turquoise glaze is tricky. If you get it on thin, it goes brown. I dip all my mugs in a bucket-fully immerse for 5 seconds. There is one material that flies around-soda ash? maybe? I am not in the studio at the moment. The thickness of the application seems to be crucial with this glaze. Check my gallery for some mugs and a teapot using a turqoise glaze. Using paper resist for the dots, then the glaze flashes on the bare spots. TJR.
  3. Now I feel bad. I think I'll just get some Ridex. Always informative,John, T.
  4. TJR


    I know that you can use slate in a clay body. At Alfred, in New York , they made ram pressed dishes in a company called Copco. Then they were sprayed with terra sigilatta. Nice red terra cotta colour. You could probably use it like an addition of Red Art clay. Maybe as a slip if the slate is fine enough. TJR.
  5. You always hear about how deadly Barium Carbonate is, and that it is used in rat poison. Say a person;[hypothetically speaking], had mice in their cottage. The mice were snacking away on the store bought poison.Could a person lay down some barium? How much? I have also heard it used for ants, 50/50 with sugar. [Called Ant Rid.] TJR. Anyone try this?
  6. Check your timer. It is a dial just below the kiln sitter, which is the lever that drops when the cone has melted. The dial can be adjusted to lengthen the elapsed time of the firing. There is a little silver dot on the dial. Move it so that it is set for 8 hours for a bisque. TJR.
  7. Mark; Finally got a picture of yourself up on the forum. Nice! t.
  8. Well, John beat me to the punch! Degussa inclusion stains are very refractory and require the addition of whiting or some other flux mixed with them to melt as over-glaze decoration. If applied as a wash over the bisque, you would be applying a barrier to prevent the glaze from adhering. Ain't ceramics fun? Don't forget to test,test,test. TJR P.s. I've used degussa stains quite a bit. See gallery. T.
  9. As an "oldie but goodie" type person here in the States...... I still tend to call these 5 gallon buckets "Dunkin' Donut buckets" when I talk about them...... because DD used to get their donut icing and fillings in 5 gallon buckets and they had them by the TON at the stores to get rid of. Potters used to flock to the stores to take them away for free. Now they get it in plastic bags in cardboard boxes. No more DD buckets. best, .......................john Tim Hortons, mate. TJR.
  10. I do agree with John. What I am saying though is that peoples tastes in pots have changed over the last 30 years. I also have been doing it since 1975. One thing that does not change is that you have to have a strong form. This is 90% of the pot. The glazing is just the icing on the cake. Good decoration will not save a bad pot. TJR.
  11. I use paper coffee cups for 100 gram tests. Then 1,000 grams fits an ice-cream pail with a lid. Then about 6,000 grams fits into a 5 gallon pail. you get these from bakeries. Sometimes people leave them in the back lane. You could even buy them. I think they cost $3.00 now. Never bought one. TJR.
  12. The best advice I received from Mark Cortright. He said to "cover your bases." In other words, have a variety of colours for customers to choose from. I now include some brown glazed pots. People still buy them. My Celadon is still sitting there. Like Mark said, regional interest differs in likes and dislikes. Complicated. TJR.
  13. Somebody on this forum makes sinks. Neil Estrick? T.
  14. I see a little tiny spot at the front near the bottom. Tom.
  15. I think you may find that the buying public has changed. Before you make up 10,000 grams of iron saturate Temmoku-see if people want to purchase these colours. Celadon is not a big seller for me either. White sells, and coloured glazes. Check out a few craft fairs before you crank up the "pottery making machine" TJR.
  16. Cornish Stone, or Cornwall Stone is a potash feldspar. You could substitute Custer or any other potash feldspar. It is a bit more refractory than Custer, so you will have to test. TJR.
  17. The purpose of the vent is for the potter, not the clay. As pots are bisqued, they give off sulfur dioxide which is nasty to breathe. If your bisqueware made it, no need to re-do it. TJR.
  18. Ben; I am looking at some dollies from Princess Auto. They are under $20.00, four wheels, just a frame of hardwood, designed for moving furniture. I have a big plastic garbage can of EPK, and one of whiting, that I want to use these for. i never have bins of clay sitting around in my class room. I process as I go. I explained this in a previous post once. TJR.
  19. Tom, If you add peroxide, it keeps the stink down. I've had some keep over the summer, in a sealed container, with only a bit of mold grow on it. Even with the mold, it still smelled the same. For some reason, to me, it smells like the inside of an old tent... Ben; I know that this was mentioned in another post by both of us.I will try it next time I repair something. Tom.
  20. Made me laugh even though I didn't want to. T.
  21. I get that. A little more information would be helpful, as to location. T.
  22. Spooze; 1/3 Karo syrup 1/3 your clay body as powder 1/3 vinigar Any cheap syrup will work This is for repairing cracks in greenware. The syrup keeps the area moist while the vinigar does its job. do not keep. It stinks after a day. TJR.
  23. Got an email from the ...lights artisan Fair the other day. I really hate the term "artisan". anyway, They said that they really want my work in the show as a past exhibitor. Next sentence. "We don't have any knife makers in the venue." I don't make knives either. TJR.
  24. In this case I would say you where framed. marm Good one! T.
  25. Ben; i alwys thought that this was a southern American expression. I have not heard anyone else say it. Try this;.."We need to load the kee-il this afternoon." Think hot day. We are all wearing our cowboy hats and boots. I've got a big dinner plate belt buckle. After we load the kee-il, we can have some peach cobbler. T.
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