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  1. Hey, there. The sign or not sign issue is a huge one. I just read an old article in Clay Times about Ron Meyers[March/April 2005]. He doesn't sign his work. Did Peter Voulkos sign his pieces? I used to have a bisque chop with my initials. Some potteries have the pottery chop and the makers chop. Some production potters use a stamp as it is expedient and faster than signing every piece. I have signed my work with my first initial and my last name for the longest time. I brush decorate all my work, so it is logical to sign with a brush. Some small pots get a stamp. People like a signature and I feel that it makes the work more artistic. I am not an anonymous craftsman, so I sign. TJR.
  2. Buckeye; Caution! I am reading over my last message. The cobalt pecentages are ;one half a percent, one percent, one and a half percent,two percent. I missed out a decimal point on the 2.5%, You never need any more than 2% cobalt. Very expensive and a very strong colourant. TJR
  3. Buckeye; The differance between washed ash and unwashed ash is that unwashed ash is runnier. It has more fluxes in it that are soluable in water. Always use a dust mask and gloves as ash is very caustic. Unwashed ash is way more caustic as is has soluable lie in it. A good recipe to start at is; Ash 50% Any stoneware clay 50% Redart will give you a dark glaze. I tend to use 50% ball clay. I came across a bucket of Goldart which is a stoneware clay so I am going to try it in a glaze. Another recipe I am working on is; Ash 33% Ball 33% Custer Spar 33% It seems that the more materials you have in an ash glaze, the better it works. Then try some colourants, such as-.5, 1, 1.5, 25 cobalt cabonite as a line blend. Ash glazes run like crazy, so make sur you test on a cylinder and leave the bottom half unglazed. Set it on a broken kiln shelf or softbrick scrap. This is for Cone 10 reduction. When I get to my studio, I'll send you more recipes to try. TJR.
  4. Hey, there; Like other artists on this topic, I am not a scientist, but I know porcelain and stoneware. The vinyl signs referred to are large signs cut out of sheets of vinyl with a laser cutter, and then adhered to a large board/ sheet of something. The deal with ceramic signs is that they last forever-see Egyptian pottery, or Greek Red figure pots.Porcelain is not Eco friendly if glazed, as the chemicals eventually go down a drain somewhere, and the firing generates greenhouse gases whether you use electricity or gas. I can be smug here as our power for our kilns in this area is generated by a hydro electric dam. Still, you are daming rivers and moving people off their land. It's a good topic. I don't reaaly feel holier than though for how we generate power. TJR
  5. I am also looking for a stool. This word creates images that I don't want. Anyway, I use a hardwood chair with a back. I have a chunk of foam I sit on. I am about to move out of the co-op studio where I have been a member for twenty years. When I let the group know that I was leaving, [big shock!], Harriet said; "Can I have my chair back?". Apparently it is one of a set of four. She has one in her studio as well. I thought they were communal chairs ! So I am moving and I am chairless. I tried the hardbricks under the legs of my Brent, and might even try cinder blocks, but I am so used to throwing at a certain level that I don't know if I can change. My back hurts when I throw for long, and my right hip is stiff.I might end up throwing standing up. I guess I am getting old. TJR
  6. Chris; I am replying to you again, even though I see that this is an old post. I came in to my art room yesterday and to my amazement/astonshment, the kiln was STILL GOING !!! aLWAYS, i COME IN, KILN IS OFF, TAKE OUT SPIES, LIFT LID SLIGHTLY AND COOL THE KILN SLWLY. bEEN DOING IT FOR 26 YEARS NOW. i TEACH SENIOR HIGH ART, GRADES 9 TO 12.oops Caps on. I looked closely at the kiln and realized that it had been firing on medium for almost 24 hours!!!. I had visions of glazes running off pots, things melted, shelves cracked, Couldn't open it until today as it was too hot. Should I shut it off, or crank it up to High? I opted for the former, and turned her up. Kiln fired off in an hour. Students asked me all day where their work was. I had to confess that the kiln was on all night. Anyway, I came in today,opened up the kiln and everything was fine. Because it was a cone 06 firing, I had greenware and glaze stuff in the same kiln. I had large sculptural heads, Spirit Boxes[slab boxes], and Anthropomorphic mugg.[mugs shaped like animals]. All were good.phew! I wanted to post my own forum on this topic, but I see you beat me to it.Thanks. TJR
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