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  1. Well, the studio feeds my spirit. Even just knowing that I have a place to work is energizing. Of course most of the creativity happens in my head. You want a place where you are not always moving tools or other junk to get to a flat surface. Having to always put stuff away can be draining as well. I go out there, the heat is on[in winter], I hop on my wheel and start making. TJR.
  2. Hi TJR, is that by weight or by volume? Sorry; didn't see this question. It's by volume to get a thick paste like cement. Once you make the repair, I toss the spooze as the sugar will make it stink. Tom.
  3. Mark is right. You are asking the material to do something that it is not meant to do. Look into slip casting from a mold. TJR.
  4. Dh; That's a tough story. I have taught many a student in my high school art classes who may not persue a career in art because of their culture or parents. They are forced to do statistics, or accounting. Nothing wrong with those directions, but if you have an artistic bone in your body, this is where unhappiness starts. TJR.
  5. Vinks; Great quote. I often find myself standing and staring. Looking at sun flowers at the moment. Some in my yard. Some in my garden.They are beautiful, and none the same. TJR.
  6. I'm getting better at mine. It is 40 feet by 35. I have to step up and keep up with the weeds as the president of the garden society has the plot next to me. Every year gets better, and I think about it all winter long. I am currently picking cucumbers, bush beans, peas and tomatoes. TJR.
  7. Evelyne; I also look at gardening as being creative. I have a large garden by the river and am out there every morning. I can hear the bush beans rumbling from here. T.
  8. Grype; I think you hit the nail on the head here. I think almost everyone is visual or relates in a visual way some how. Picture the lecture where the guy gets up and reads the text from his Power Point. Way more interesting a talk if you include pictures of what you are talking about.Art is still not that valued in school for some reason, but in industry people are crying out for creative people. TJR.
  9. For green try your 100 grams of white slip as a powder in a paper coffee cup 1. For green add 2% copper carb. and 2% chrome. 2.For blue add 1/2 a percent cobalt carb . to another cup of your dry white slip. You will not be able to see the colour change. You may want to add a blue mason stain,to see the blue, but I don't. I just remember. TJR. Don't forget to test, test, test. I am sure there are many books with slip recipes in them.
  10. So was the issues that the smoke was coming from the Kiln that set off the fire alarm? You do not want to be pouring water on a hot kiln. you could scald yourself as the water will instantly turn to steam. TJR. far better to be electrocuted Min; I would rather die of old age, thank-you. T.
  11. ShellS; Welcome to the forum. Everyone feels isolated at some point. I live in a mid-size Canadian city, in the very middle of Canada. I work alone in my cadillac of a studio. The closest big city to us is Minneapolis which is 500miles south. I gotta say that I have really enjoyed this forum. You will see that I am on it all the time. I have made some great friends here. So, Welcome. TJR.
  12. I agree. Especially if she does not return the purchase, Tom.
  13. GEP; I do make pie dishes and I use a coarser clay than my regular white Laguna. There is some grog in the body. Good for casseroles and pie dishes. I always state to the buyer not to put the piece on direct heat and heat up slowly in the oven. I do not have any sand or coarse material coming off my pieces. I say return it for your money back or exchange for something different. TJR.
  14. You do want coarser clay for oven ware to handle the heat shock. She has added sand into her clay. It should not be coming off the bottom. I am assuming that the inside is glazed so not a problem there. If this sand issue bothers you, contact her and ask for your money back. TJR.
  15. So was the issues that the smoke was coming from the Kiln that set off the fire alarm? You do not want to be pouring water on a hot kiln. you could scald yourself as the water will instantly turn to steam. TJR.
  16. Good to know. Slate worked great for me, as it is semi porous. T
  17. Three nations. We don't have Karo syrup in Canada either. T.
  18. Using this method, the structure would have to be large enough that blowing rain or snow couldn't reach the kiln. If a storm blows in while the kiln is hot, you can't cover it with the tarp. You're also likely to trap moisture and get a lot of bugs and critters making their home under the tarp. My general rule of thumb is if you wouldn't leave your laptop there, you shouldn't leave your kiln there. Do you guys have bugs in the States? My buddy Alan has a big wood kiln. we fire it in the winter, and usually put up tarp walls to cut the wind. My electric kiln is located inside my studio.
  19. You could just have a roof with metal.No walls. When you are not firing you cover your kiln with a tarp. TJR.
  20. We covered this topic a while back. There are many surfaces that people use. Only about 50% wedge on plaster. I wedge on canvas covered plywood screwed to a table top. It's been 26 years plus with the same piece of canvas. I have a one inch square hole wore in it. I just work around it. Might change the canvas when I turn 90. Other surfaces; Slate, marble, plywood without canvas. TJR.
  21. Celia; It's the combination of vinegar and your clay body, with the syrup as stickiness to hold it all together until the crack sets. you could use any syruppy, sticky thing-even molasses. T.
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