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  1. I agree with Ben. Purchase your glazes for cone 06. You can bisque in the bottom of the kiln while firing glaze in the top. I teach high school as well. I use Duncan commercial glazes. TJR.
  2. Carolyn; I did not think that this was a silly question. I also knew the answer, so jumped in. Welcome to the forum. Please ask as many questions as you wish. Someone here will know the answer. TJR.
  3. I would just fire them in the kiln. The mildew would burn off at a very low temperature. Store them in a dry place. Easy fix. TJR.
  4. If you add fritt to your cobalt it will be heavier and settle out quicker as fritt is ground glass. Ger.Bor. would be a better choice. You do have to stir it constantly. TJR.
  5. Don't call them water pipes. Call them "historical reproductions". Sign your name as Prof. Aldrige. TJR.
  6. It is important to know the temperature at which the brick was fired to. Once this is determined, I think you could spray glaze on for that temperature and re-fire the. The temp. is probably as low as the manufacturer could go to harden the bricks into permanency. I would start with cone 04-I am just guessing You do not want to fire so hot that the brick becomes molten. TJR..
  7. Talk to Grant at Sounding Stone Pottery Supply in Wpg. I know that he just sold a used one for $350..Pretty sure he has a seat kicking around. Tom.
  8. Chris,et al; Thank-you for your good points. I did not mean to create any hysteria. I was giving a personal example of a friend of mine who did not take any precautions in the studio. Obviously, I am not a medical doctor and I cannot make medical judgements. I am just asking that people be careful in the studio and take precautions. Also, as a second point; I teach art. My favourite section is the clay unit. I would not want my program to be shut down for "safety concerns" TJR.
  9. You thin the rim of the spout by pulling it like you would pull a handle. Should be sharp, not rounded. TJR.
  10. My buddy Steve Robinson died of pancreatic Cancer two years ago. He left four children and a second wife.[divorced the first one first].He was a raku guy. Rakued outside all winter. Taught workshops. Had a following of women potters and hobbyists who loved him. Never wore a dust mask.Fired raku for 30 years. When you go to the doctor and the oncologist says;"You have pancreatic Cancer. You have one year to live."There is nothing to say after that. Saying;"Oh! I shoulda worn a mask doesn't cut it. TJR.
  11. Hey, Joel! Smoking and clay dust are a worse combination. Your silia in your lungs are compromised from the smoking, and then you are breathing that dust. Are you eating a salami sandwich at the same time? Time to get proactive. You only have one set of lungs. TJR.
  12. Your tiles look completely different from the originals you showed us. The first pictures had imperfections and holes in the surface. Are these the same two tiles? TJR
  13. I use Bag Balm. Farmers put it on cow's udders. Most potters around here use it for chapped hands. I get it at Lee Valley Tools, but you could get it at any farmer's supply store. Moo! TJR.
  14. I use a dremel tool and also coarse sand paper for hand sanding. TJR.
  15. I bought both my Brents used. My CXC I have had and used for over 40 years. Changed the bearing last year. While my main wheel was down, I bought another used model c from a handbuilder. It is quick and responsive and lighter to move around the studio.. It sounds like you bought a lemon. TJR. Can you return it?
  16. Ironically, both our countries are in the throes of elections. In Canada, education is a provincial mandate. This means that the federal gov't under Stephen Harper cannot cut support to arts education across the board. This did happen in British Columbia with many teacher strikes and protests last year. I do not in any way wish to come across as smug or superior about our 3 party system. We have 8 weeks to go. The big issue here is health care and balancing the budget. TJR.
  17. I don't know what to say... and that's unusual for me. TJR.
  18. I don't know about the iron. I don't think so-it will just make it dark. I am looking at the wollastinite fluxing the copper. TJR.
  19. Mark; I know this might be a naive question, and you know that I am from another country. Why is your school system not supported? Are your youth not the wealth and future of your nation? Where is the money being spent? TJR.
  20. One of the happiest days of my life was when I got the letter saying that my portfolio had been accepted for Art School. My dad quietly asked how I was going to make a living, but he was artistic too and never caught the breaks. I went for 4 years, got my degree. Put myself through by teaching. I realized that the teaching could give me the opportunity to have studio time. I crossed over to the dark side and got my B.Ed. Been teaching high school art for 29 years. I go back Sept.8. Still looking forward to it.I think this will be my last year, but I have three teenage mouths to feed. Didn't pl
  21. Pictures? TJR. Edit copper can go blue.It's a good combo-let's see it. you might still be a geezer,though.
  22. Diesel; It sounds like a lot of people had this experience with their families. People denied their talents and interests in order to support a family.I'm glad that you were able to go to art school and make your own career choices. TJR.
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