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  1. We are currently painting large portraits in acrylic paint on Mayfair paper. They are large-3ft. by 4ft. A student said;" Do I have to paint the eyebrows using my left hand.?" Without cracking a smile, I said;"No you don't. I am left-handed. That is why I use my left hand to paint eyebrows." Not said in a sarcastic way. She said,"Oh! I get it." Gotta love teaching art. T.
  2. If you look in the above picture, you will see two knobs, one on each end of the beam by his little finger. If you order a scoop for you scale, it will come with a weight to counter balance the weight of the scoop.What rayaldridge is talking about is highing bits of wire on these knobs to counter balance the weight of whatever container you are using on the scale-like an ice cream pail. TJR.
  3. I thought about this quite a bit while holding 83 mugs in the air while glazing.Not all at the same time. I congratulate Pres for standing up to say that this video was not funny. I asked myself why it wasn't funny to me and why the platter video was funny as Benzine said. In the platter video, we are in on the joke. He looks at the viewer and we know that it is meant as a spoof. He does not put anyone down although he alludes to buying lots of tools, and"use the green rib,it is best" The other video on pottery lessons is a put down of the learner. We have all had students who want to make a teapot in the first class. We don't laugh at them behind them or in front of them. We do not mock people who aspire to a dream. I taught adult pottery for 8 years. Wouldn't go back. I really cleaned up when the movie "Ghost" came out with Patrick Swayzey. [sp?]. When trying to be funny, there is a thin line between fun and cruelty.I choose fun although I have overstepped sometimes and had to apologize. I commend people for trying to use humour. Just be kind, and wear your shoes. Tom Roberts
  4. Currently glazing 83 mugs. BORING!

    1. Babs


      put on your music! May change your onglaze patterns!

    2. Pres


      Cut the tape in different widths and lengths and dip away!

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      You should try it barefooted-less boring with cold toes

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  5. John Leach picks up his plates and puts them on a ware board. It is one of Simon Leach's vids where he visits his brother at Mulcheny pottery in England. Gotta say that I didn't find that video funny either. But I don't have much of a sense of humour. [humor for you Yanks]. Tom.
  6. Here's another confession-since we are going there. I don't use kiln wash either. Not using glazes, so I don't need to wash the shelves. The shelves that have kiln wash on them I often place in the kiln with the kiln wash facing down as the bare unwashed shelf is smoother. Sometimes I put the peanut butter laden knife in the jam jar. TJR.
  7. Never. It's just me bisquing in my own kiln. Had a used kiln in my new studio for three years. I fire about 10 times ayear. Maybe it's time to vacuum it out. I never blow anything up.Yet. TJR.
  8. Just check the labels and make sure they are not lead based. It will say on the label. Don't use those.Put some water in the jars of good ones, soak over night, and mix with a fettling knife. If you are brushing them on, no need to sieve. TJR.
  9. It's a percentage of the total glaze that you are mixing. If you have a glaze test of 100 grams-2% manganese would be 2 grams. That is if you were adding it to a glaze. I would try it at 1% assuming it was a glaze test. Mix it up in a cup based on a total of 100 grams, then brush it on. The talc is there as a flux to cause it to melt into the glaze surface. TJR.
  10. I didn't know you could become a nun in the fourth grade?!!? TJR.
  11. If you combine chrome with tin you will get pink over certain glazes. Can't tell you the percentages. 1% chrome to 2% tin? Maybe. Copper carb and tin-same ratio. TJR.
  12. My parents bought me those Paint by Number sets with the little pots of paint, and the numbers for each colour. Couldn't do it. Too constricting. My mom ended up finishing the paintings for me. My mother used to sit and add up 3 columns of numbers to relax. We always told her that she was adopted. I don't think we really had colouring books. I would have been able to stay in the lines, I think. TJR.
  13. I hope the rules are now a bit more enlightened- I think every school district has its own rules. Maybe every state as well. As far as Federal rules I have no idea other than you have to pay taxes. I do know in Canadian schools you must wear shoes from what TJR said.He may have been refering to snow shoes? Mark I gotta go to work so I can't really respond. We leave our snowshoes at the door so as not to track snow all over the place. In summer we don't wear them. Tom.
  14. People who make pots on the wheel should be called "wheelers", and people who hand build should be called slabbers or coilers or pinchers. I high fire in a gas kiln. I am a reducer. What about you? TJR
  15. Back from NCECA.Some great people,great memories.

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      thanks again for your help in packing up the juried show. Wish we had had some more time to visit.


  16. But from NCECA. Back teaching. Some great memories.

  17. Just found out that all the members of foreigner have been replaced by younger guys. Now I don't feel so old. Still like that sax solo. T. Off topic, I know.
  18. I was trying to think of his name. His work is beautiful. He also makes his own coloured stain "pastels". T.
  19. I installed a water line from my house-four ft. below the ground with heat tape. The idea was that clean water would come to the studio from the house and dirty water would return to the house beside this line,into my house sewer. Both underground. I never did install the sink. Got scared about it clogging with clay. Once digging that trench was enough. I use 3 , 5 gallon pails for water. I use a separate pail for glaze washings. Sometimes the hand washing pail begins to stink and you have to dump it. Had to do that yesterday as the little Girl Guides were coming to glaze their mugs. I have a laundry tub in the basement where I dump my dirty floor water.I did walk down the lane and dump the hand-washing water in the sewer yesterday In the summer I have two big 55 gallons barrels for rain water. I use these for clean water.I also have a hose. The only time I miss having water is when I am glazing pots. But I am adaptable. TJR.
  20. I am thinking Tyvek, which is used to wrap houses. Very inexpensive. I know you can print on it and make kites out of it. You have to find some with the word "Tyvek" printed all across it. TJR. YOU CAN GET IT AT A BUILDING SUPPLY STORE. T.sorry, caps lock
  21. But from NCECA. Back teaching. Some great memories.

  22. Like I said before.. children are evil. Don't lecture anyone on their child raising ethics. Just replace it with a plastic sippy cup like Chis suggested. Do you call them sippy cups in the states? Best advice-replace for 50% of the cost. You have then met her half way. By the way, I do have 3 wonderful children of my very own. TJR.
  23. Gee; I didn't know snow could wear a swimsuit. i have never seen that. Tom Stay warm.
  24. I have more glazes than I should. I have about 30 buckets. Sometimes I can't sell a certain colour- like right now Celadon is not a big seller. I have glazes that I am trying out, and will make 6,000 grams in a bucket and then I decide that I don't like it. This is after testing at 100 grams and a 1,000 grams. I also realize that my glaze lab takes up a lot of space in my studio. But I am known for my glazes. I have an amazing purple that I developed from another potter's reject glaze that didn't melt properly. My studio is a mess, but it's MY mess. There are 120 mugs drying on tables. There is half of a terra cotta planter that I am going to make into a press mold. There is a metal fly wheel for a kick wheel that I am going to build-one day. It's my mess, but it's also my studio. I clean up, then I work and it gets messy. I do not have the personality to have everything organized. I have to see things, so I leave them out on a table.Every one is different. One person's mess is another person's organized studio. I would never buy glazes in jars and paint them. Like Neil said-foolish. TJR.
  25. Ray; Went to grad school in upstate N.Y. at Alfred. Loved the weather there. I actually bought cross country skis while I was there and used them. I would live there in a minute, but no jobs for me there. TJR.
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