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  1. That's what the pros use. Green soap. T.
  2. I use Murphy's Oil Soap which you can buy at the grocery stores. Comes in a spray bottle, so you just spray the plaster mold or wooden cottles with it. I wouldn't use any soaps or release agents on a bisque mold-too messy. TJR.
  3. ^^ This made me laugh out loud. I love it. A couple of years ago I was "playing clay" with the kids, and my nephew said out of the blue, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a clay artist like you." He calmly went on making a clay bug as I goggled at him speechless. I have never considered myself an artist. I find that I awkwardly say, "I make pottery," when people ask me what I "do". I heartily agree with Dave that one word doesn't really describe all the different things I do. But to answer the question I think I feel most comfortable calling myself an "artisan". No! Artisans make bricks. TJR.
  4. The snowbirds are now back. I put my snow shovels away, and then it snowed. Twice. In April. Planting my garden now. It better not snow. TJR.
  5. I use Danish White from Laguna. Cone 10 reduction. I also use Plainsman clays from Medicine Hat, Alberta. My school clay is M340 from there. TJR.
  6. Wydam; I built mine with the burners at 90 degrees to the wall. I did not have enough room for combustion. Plus the brick front door was only 36" wide. My wife said;" That's too small for you." If your burners are going into the kiln from the back on either side of the stack, you should have enough room for combustion as the flame is traveling the length of the kiln. I would put in a bag wall to deflect the flame upward. Prop some old kiln sheves on edge,[not vertically], and that should do it. Tom.
  7. I am building a storage shed-8' by 10'. Come over the pond and give me a hand. That will give you a rest. Tom.
  8. Dianna; A booth fee of $150.00 is not out of line. They probably realized that they weren't making any money at $60.00. If you like the venue and you have repeat customers, then it is worth it. I would still make a protest, otherwise, if you are silent, they will feel that they can get away with raising it again next year. If you do the fair and don't cover your expenses, then pull out. TJR. Whoops! I thought you said $150.00 a day. At $125.00, I think this is a fair price[no pun intended], if they promote the sale. TJR.
  9. If you are living in the United Kingdom- which I am assuming you are as you are using pound sterling, you can fir at night out of the peak power usage time. I think the most expensive time for power usage over there was supper time. You could start your firing at 5:00pm and be done at 1:00a.m. Easy if you have a computer kiln, but if you have a kiln sitter you can still do it. You just have to get up in the middle of the night to make sure that it has shut off. TJR.
  10. Conversion is not a big problem as I work in grams anyway. Thanks for doing this, Marcia. T.
  11. Thanks, Marcia; Here's the problem. You have to convert scoops to grams as I am assuming that the colourants are a percentage of 100 grams and not a scoop. Right? Tom.
  12. Yes, the ash is washed. Maybe you hit the nail on the head. TJR. Thanks.
  13. I often wondered if you could use that "sink trap" product for a glaze.It's just so darn smelly though. Mostly clay, I would think. I was looking at my mop pail water and thinking that it would make a glaze. I don't need any more slop/scrap glazes. TJR.
  14. Here in lies the problem. I substituted Goldart for EPK in an ash glaze that I have. It came out a boring whitey/cleary. I think it was; Custer 40 Goldart 30 Ash 30. Of course I am testing before I put it on any pots. I know that Goldart is a white stoneware clay. TJR.
  15. I have a 5 gallon bucket of Goldart sitting in my studio. I used to use it for white slip; Ball clay 33% EPK. 33% Goldart 33% Called Schiller White Slip. Not using slips any more as my glazes are very opaque. I got a glaze recipe; [Cone 10 reduction] Ash 50% Goldart 50% But it is very dry. A nice yellow ochre colour though. Any thoughts? TJR.
  16. If your clay is more porous, it will dry out faster. For me it is the seasons that influence drying, not the clay body. If you need work for a show of other deadline, it seems to take forever to dry the pots. TJR.
  17. If you tap them and they ping, they are bisqued. It is not crucial to bisque to an accurate cone temp., but it is for glazing. They may be a little porous, but if they are not grey, they should be fine. There are a lot of potters who just bisque to a good red colour in their kiln and shut her down. No cones at all! You might have a burned out element if it isn't reaching your desired cone. TJR.
  18. Students have dreams and aspirations as we know. I love the guy who can barely paint, but is there everyday trying his hardest. I have heard people say;"If you stuff it up really bad, Mr. Roberts will fix it for you." True. I will. But I really like the failed attempts. They have that Impressionist quality. I never stomp on anyone's dreams. Mr. Roberts
  19. I am with Mark. Tare beam is the way to go. Other wise you are adding 70grams to all your measurements. A pain. TJR.
  20. I think the intent was to be funny. Some of us found it funny, some of us found it demeaning and sarcastic. I had a day today where I was tired and my leg hurt. As student asked me to look at her work. I got up from my chair[unusual to be sitting], and went over to her with out complaint, without rolling my eyes or sighing. Teaching beginning pottery is a tough gig. She needs a break. TJR.
  21. I am always facing the right way. When I was in Australia, the water went down the toilet the wrong way. and the moon was sideways. Quite un-nerving. T.
  22. I'm with John. Cleaning the clay traps has got to be the worst! TJR.
  23. I started on linked in as the guy that I fire with made a request. It got to be ridiculous. So many people wanted to "connect with me", that I found it to be a huge time waster. I really like the CAD forum. I have learned lots, made good friends and helped a lot of people. I thought about Facebook, but I spend enough time on here, that I can't divide my time elsewhere. TJR.
  24. Couple points here; It is tricky demoing as a left-handed person as it's hard for right-handed people to reverse for themselves. The other art teacher is also left-handed, so no help there. I am demonstrating on a vertical easel. Some students copy me step by step, which is O.K. by me.The other problem is that students set up their paint on the left side even though they are right handed. The leftes set it up on the right as no one has ever explained to them that it would be easier coming from the side your hand is on. I repeat-not being sarcastic here-it just struck me funny. TJR
  25. You should be able to hang weights on one of the knobs. Before you do that you have to get the scale to balance at zero with whatever container you are using for your glaze materials. TJR.
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