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  1. I'm using a mug this morning that has a tiny crack in the bottom. Just came out of the kiln. I keep stuff that I am not able to repeat-as in woodfired pots from Australia. We have 3 busted teapots on our deck. One from Aus. One has a broken handle, but I like the colour. One has a lid that's chipped all the way around, and one we keep our house key in..shhh! I have Majolica pots-so that if I ever go back to that technique I will remember what I was doing. I used to keep all of my babies, but now there have been hundreds. Sometimes they just have to leave home. Big studio sale today. Good-bye children. Good-bye. T.
  2. We go pretty far sideways on a lot of topics. I would vote for that. TJR.
  3. A part of any natural fuel kiln firing is in oxidation, even wood. A natural fuel firing may include a body reduction phases (typically early on, around cone 12 to 10 and a glaze reduction phase (typically at near the end of the firing). At the end of the firing, you close off the fuel ports and the damper . . . basically, preventing air to enter the kiln while it cools. At least that is my understanding. They use red iron oxide, other oxides, etc. The challenge is finding glazes that work with the oxides. Red iron oxide, in addition to being a colorant, is also a flux that can cause an otherwise stiff, non-moving glaze to become runny. It is how the red iron oxide interacts with the glaze ingredients. You mean cone 012 and cone 010. TJR.
  4. Two things. 1. You could coat your pots in a white slip, adjusted for cone 6 applied at leather hard. Then you have the dark body on the bottom and lighter colours over the slip. Glazes always show better colour on a lighter surface. Just like painting on white paper vs. brown. 2.The Chinese wood-fire potters used iron decoration. This is where it came from. I am not a cone 6 guy, so don't have the answer for iron at that temp. TJR.
  5. Man, this is getting goo-od! I loves me a good forum. I even know the cities Diesel is talking about and Signatures. This is a group that makes money on the booth fee and doesn't do much for the artists. I also know the polical situation in Alberta. Can we say "left turn". T.
  6. Took the hammer to a bunch of runny glazed mugs. Felt great!

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Now the shards are for a beautiful mosaic!

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Omg I LOVE doing that! It's such great therapy. :D

    3. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      I just gave away some shards for a gardener who wanted to try discouraging moles by mixing them into the soil near his roses.

  7. I think you have to get a group together and go public with this. Of course they will not sign you again for next year. We had a shop once at the Winnipeg Airport. She jacked our prices up without telling us and kept the profits. I was president of the Manitoba Craft Council. We put the word out, boycotted her and put her out of business. 250 members in the group. No lawyers were injured at the time. TJR.
  8. Busted up a BUNCH of pottery today that ran or had cracks in the bottom. Felt great. All went into a cardboard box, then to the landfill. TJR.
  9. Elon Musk-designer of the Tesla electric car and owner od Solar city Solar Panels, and also owner of Space X, is now selling a unit for $3,000-$3500 dollars U.S. that will store power from solar cells. You no longer need inverters and batteries. It's all in one unit as big as a furnace. Great for off grid living. I believe I saw it in this month's issue of Popular Mechanics. I'll get back to you. TJR.
  10. This was well said by Neil above. This is an under handed deal and not enforceable. Two ways to go here; 1. If it's a huge part of your income, you suck it up and do the show. If you have other sales, as in your studio, they cannot stop you. 2. Withdraw your deposit, and if they make a stink about it, go to the media. go to lots of media. Get other artists on board to back you up. Do not employ flaming torches or guys with pitch forks. You could get legal advice. TJR. Too bad.
  11. Just got some pieces back from a stoneware kiln firing yesterday. I glazed 10 mugs with a white glaze that I hadn't used in a while, but a glaze that I had used for years. All the mugs ran! Not my kiln, so this is embarrassing. Got the big two day Mother's Day sale this weekend, so I needed the work. I hate glazes running. Not going to quit though. TJR.
  12. You mention holes in the bag wall. Try making your bag wall a solid wall of bricks. Then you may have to raise or lower a row of bricks off the top. Sounds like the heat is just shooting across the middle. If this doesn't work, try lowering your stack. You have too much draft through the middle. Where are you from? I see you spelled centre the correct way. TJR.
  13. Chantay; You still are not saying if you are firing electric or gas, oxidation or reduction and to what cone? This would help immensely with advice. Iron won't show up in an oxidation firing to the same degree. T
  14. Yeah, but who is going to wash the dishes? That is a mammoth undertaking.And think of the left overs. I have a sale next weekend too.Is it Mother's Day where you live? TJR.
  15. Chilly; You don't have to be a chemist. you just need to be able to read a recipe book. All glazes are based on 100%. Usually grams. By adding clay to prevent running, you are adding alumina because clay is a combination of alumina and silica. you would add kaolin in 3% increments, if you knew what the recipe was. The reason you choose kaolin and not any other clay is because the iron is reduced, and you won't affect the colour. Tom.
  16. That is funny! That made me laugh!. I taught in the toughest high school in Winnipeg for 12 years. We drcided to have "dress in black day." The irony was that all the students wore black all the time. Same deal. T.
  17. E.P.K. in 3% increments. Test on a vertical tile. Do you have the recipe? I have other Turquoise glazes that don't run. I could give you the recipe for one of those. Tom.
  18. I wash my ash. This prevents it from running all over.Some people do not wash their ash. [That sounds obscene. To wash; Get a 5 gallon pail full of ash. Fill with water from a garden hose. You should be wearing a dust mask.Also, you should wear rubber gloves as you are working with lye. Skim off all floating unburnt charcoal. Stir with a stick. Using a window screen and another bucket, pour the liquid ash through the screen into the second bucket. You can do this a couple of times. There are soluble fluxes that you are losing each time you wash. The water is toxic. Don't put it on your lawn. You should be doing this outside, not on a windy day. Decant all the water.Pour your left over ash onto a piece of canvas or other material and let dry. Then store it in a lidded pail. It is now a glaze material. TJR.
  19. I love to test glazes. I test them all the time. I work with cobalt a lot in my blue over glaze. You can try diluting it with iron, or manganese. I don't know if you said oxidation or reduction. That would affect your results.And our advice. TJR.
  20. Chantay; Iron os a flux on it's own. You don't need any Gerstly.Try 5 teaspoons of iron and one of Albany/Alberta slip clay. I use black iron oxide. Are you firing in an electric kiln? If so, you are oxidizing the iron outta there. Tom. Check out my gallery for brush decoration. T
  21. For reds, the stain is quite refractory.[doesn't melt]. You could add 15% whiting. So if you are mixing 100 gram tests, that would be 15 grams of whiting. #7 That cobalt looks really nasty. Try the cobalt at 0.5% That's one half a percent. TJR.
  22. You could have a small propane kiln. Simon Leach has a bunch of videos on turning an old electric into a two burner high fire kiln. He fires to cone 10 in a double garage. I would fire outside. He dusts the outside of his pots with wood-ash and fires them rim to rim. Check him out. TJR.
  23. I'm not British. I'm Canadian.The pros use Green soap. Who knew why. I prefer yellow soap myself. T.
  24. I bisque at Cone 07. Less energy used. Less time in the kiln.I fire stoneware to cone 10 reduction in a gas kiln. At school I bisque and glaze at cone06. I sometimes bisque pots on the bottom shelves and glaze pots on top shelves. TJR.
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