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  1. I hoe you get this message, potter but totally computer illiterate.... anyway loved your post and just wanted to say, speaking of metal, i have been using rusy iron nails in some of my pieces and it is a great effect. I also like to use hinges as bird legs....i will psot you some pics if you are interested and i can figure this machine out hehehe. take care adios Trina
  2. THese are the things about pottery and painting I love!!! Good question. I would say from my experience you can add bubbles crackling effects ect but I would need to know more about the piece and what temps you have already been firing at. I know more about low fire glazing and working with engobles slips and oxides. I have been known to fire items numerous times to get things the why I want them. I am a pretty unorthodox potter and experiment all the time. Look forward to hearing back. I am new to this site can you attach a pic of the piece? All the best Trina
  3. Hi, I do a lot of mural work cutting my own tiles. I have run the gammit of using different types of clay. For me the two most important things are a) slow drying and when i cut tiles I never ever move them until they a leathery hard, bending them even the slightest amount leads to the evil warp. I know how tempting it is just slide, lift or nudge them into postion. Just dont. I tried to post a link here but failed. Have a look at youtube......the making of a mural by trina doerr and you can see how i handle about 400 tiles from cutting to installation. Hope that helps tiles are wonderful and can really get exciting. Trina
  4. Hi everyone! Those are some really great introductions. My name is Trina Doerr and I have a small pottery and paintong studio in southern Spain. I have been living here for about the last twelve years and just opened my studio about two. years ago. It has been a struggle but things are finally starting to pay off. I have learned so much from the internet and other potters. I run classes two days a week and pot for myself the rest of the time. I sort of struggle with the term artist, basically I just love making stuff! This year I finished a large mural project and if anyone wants to see it you can have a look on youtube. Its called Making a mural by Trina Doerr. If anyone wants any advice on this kind of project just ask, I know exactly what i did wrong!!! Anyway look forward to participating on the forums and getting the chance to exchange. I would like to know what inspires everyone!
  5. Hi there, well i use paperclay to repair lots of things and have had both good and bad results. I find that it works great for sculptural items where you can add even moreto cover breaks ect. My success rate has been lower when i have tried to repair pots or plain items. I have also found that paper clay also effects the way the glaze sets in the repaired spot. I do tend to agree with you though , let go of the failures. Trina
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