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  1. youtube me : making of a mural by Trina Doerr

  2. I havent posted in awhile as i am out and about in the world, anyway saw something today that sort of relates to this thread. I was in a textile artists studio shop this afternoon and she was selling amazing woven scarves and shawls from anywhere between 100 and 550 dollars. My sister in law commented on how expensive they were. Then I pointed out a beautifully framed info sheet. It explained how much time it takes dye and spin the yard, thread the loom, make the pattern, do the work, pay the overheads and stay alive. It made the scarves seem cheap in comparison, and it really gave the customer the feeling they were buying something really really special. I am really considering doing something like this in my studio....T
  3. Havent see you you posting here in a while, hows the wheel coming along?

  4. trina

    Translucent Plate

    wow i wish my test were that beautiful! T
  5. Thanks for that, I was wondering how to do it...T
  6. Hey way to go Mark! Glad to hear that you are making progress with your 'new' wrist. Don't over do it no matter how tempted you might be....T
  7. Hi teardrop, not sure why I tried to have a look at your pitchers but the images are gone? Did you take them away or is it a glitch somewhere on my end...T
  8. So this is what my studio looked like about two years ago when I was just moving into the space, I must take a more recent photo, note no wheel, no kiln and the ten million more buckets, shelves and tables that I have now. So funny it looks so 'virginal' However it does give an idea of size....
  9. Why, well because I am too darn lazy to drive the hour and half to the closest pottery store.... I know how you feel.... So that Grog I made! Wow it so worked!!! I made some giant tiles with crazy faces I call them 'confetti people' will post the pic but too dark already. Anyway I made two, then got scared that it wouldn't work so I made another two out of paper clay knowing those would be fine, dried them for almost a month due to size and thickness and wacked on the glaze in their greenware state and fired them two days ago, kiln cooled and everything groovey! T
  10. Love Love Love these.....creepy but totally COOL. T
  11. Hi i really am loving reading these posts....this one reminded me of the couple that came into my studio.... just LOVED that painting but ummm too bad it just wont match with the sofa in the living room... sorry of topic will continue reading T
  12. love your work!

  13. opps lost my post.... ummm will try again, sorry.. t
  14. love your pots, have tried pit firing a couple of times but havent got anywhere near your finish. I think i had too much air too much smoke and not enough heat. Keep up the inspiring work! T

  15. loved you're about you.... need to update mine. welcome to this forum i have found it a great place for advice help and generally pottery chit chat. good luck with your wheel, take care of your wrists you only have the two! Trina

  16. Hi teardrop, I just read your post and thought you were kidding with the minus point things and then just looked at your profile, what the hell, you aren't kidding.... what is wrong with people! I invite anyone to give me minus points as well, if we all have them they will become even more meaningless. T
  17. Maybe we need a gallery for work that we want critiqued...I am happy if members comment acknowledge or critique anything i put up. I find the gallery a useful source of info not just in terms of the work put up but the photos and style in which work is displayed. I also believe that people should do whatever they feel comforable doing. I comment not critique on things i like, ask questions about things that interest me and certainly try hard not to hurt anyones feelings. Ah now i feel all warm and fuzzy again......T
  18. I agree, plus I did read your blog!Nice site. Trina
  19. I just saw this thread! Wow sounds like quite the ordeal. I wish you all the best with your recovery. T
  20. trina

    Mail Box

    love this and great photo as well. Trina
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