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  1. Pardon my bluntness but what a bunch of nonsense! It's not only nonsense, it's insulting. I'd wager that Tarantino is more interested in Milchan's critique of Pulp Fiction than he is of Roger Ebert's review even though Ebert's review has more effect on his bottom line. That's all writers groups do is sit around criticizing each others work in great detail. They are doing that to possibly learn something about their own work from people they respect and to help other writers. They have nothing in common with the relationship between Pepsi and Coke. WHEN ONE OF THEM HAS A PUBLISHING SUCCESS THEY
  2. Hi there, Those are great! I haven't seen anything like that in my area, but will now be more watchful. Very Interesting and useful things. I saw that attachment on the post where you had them before but for some reason the image was too small and I couldn't make it out. Thanks for posting that. Trina
  3. As John B. would say, BINGO! You probably thought what you now know was junk was fit for the Louvre back then. Also, very revealingly, is that you say the "price was right". So, basically, you were selling junk cheap. That must have made potters there who had worked for years perfecting their art and trying to get a decent price for their pots feel real good. But, of course, had this forum existed back then and you, as a beginner, had posted your ugly pots here and asked about marketing them you would have gotten the same fawning praise that the kid with the ugly tree vase got here and Teardro
  4. Hi there, that one is low fire earthware fired at 1100 C . T
  5. I use old iron from time to time low fire earthen ware , just need to watch shrinkage. Have a look in my gallery there is pot there with loads of iron bits in it. T
  6. Hi again I have looked at the site, I like the site. I also greatly appreciate that everyone can voice his or her opinion your's was: 'So don't waste your time ... Soon enough your world will be ruled by "Will it sell and at what price?" ' and I happen to strongly disagree. No harm done, it is the way of the world. Maybe our 17 year old potter will glean something from these posts. T
  7. Chris ( nothing personal here and i am writing in a nice voice) I guess the negativity comes Not from personal comments but apathy toward helping a youngster learn about business. Do you know why info commerical stuff sells? Because those people understand their business. T
  8. Hi there, I have to agree with teardrop here.... what a bunch of negativity. Young potters not only need to learn the skills of being a potter but MUST learn the business side as well. It is by far the hardest and in my opinion the most important part. Start figuring out what things cost, start a spread sheet, figure out where and who will give you the best deal when you try to sell your work, start making those contacts now while you have 8 years of the 'good student life'. Never ever give your work away... its like selling seconds yuk! Be proactive in what you want to be your caree
  9. Hi there, I would also agree you don t want to go too thick here, not that I have ever worked that big either. I would suggest though that you line the press mold with some canvass bands two or three inches wide. So that you can lift the bowl out of the mold without having to flip it. These lifting spots are easliy mended and you wont have to lift such a heavy mold. I would love to see a photo of how the whole thing looks in action... T
  10. Thanks for the kind words.... so far no need for a tetnus shot just one of those things I guess. I have never had any super glue issues although I dont make a habit of using it, so people NO Superglue! T
  11. I learned a lot about throwing pots from a guy called Peter Ilsley (he works mainly in crystaline glazes worth looking at his stuff if these glazes interest you) anyway when he comes to spain in the winter he brings a smaller portable wheel and throws the pots in his kitchen. His tools, his wheel and his kitchen are all emaculately clean. I try to keep my stuff as clean as that as I find it just helps me stay focused. T
  12. Do not try this at home.... Unloaded the kiln for the millionth time and there it was, a little round drop bubble of beautiful green glaze. Umm I will just brush that off me thinks. As my hand is in motion I already know the result but toooooo late. Fingers sliced way open.. so now I have them super glued up and have to wait for three days or so until the worst has healed. Arrggggg.. reminds me of the time I stuck the drill bit in my mouth to see how hot it was..... lovely T
  13. I would also try a smaller file size. As far as not showing up in the members gallery, I noticed if you try to upload images directly to the members gallery, by clicking new image while inside the members gallery, it won't show up inside. Go to your own gallery, by clicking the drop down menu with your profile name on the upper right, then select my gallery. Upload an image in an album there, it will then show up properly in the members gallery also. Thanks will give it a try... T
  14. HI there, Huston we have a problem.... So my thing is this: I have had loads of problems trying to down load photos in the gallery the little dial would spin and then WHAMO logged off and timed out. Then after about 30 attemps it loads them into my personal gallery but not into the main members gallery (this makes me sad bacause it means that others can't tell me how wondeful I am hahahha! If people did actually comment in the gallery but I digress). I really don't know enough about it ie computers to know whether this is the kinda glitch you are addressing here but that has been my expe
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