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  1. Physical Therapy is coming right along- (its a no pain no gain deal) I can write again with a pen and starting to hold a steering wheel (truck)

    I can open most doorknobs now. I can hold a spoon but hand/wrist is still very weak as tendons are still not happy-swelling is way down-I spared you all from nasty surgery photo

    I can dig thru pottery boxs for galleries now ( todays chore)

    I am thinking about throwing a few small bowls in next few week to help with wrist strengthening

    Looks like another month or two I'll be almost good as new.

    I wish I had something simple like carpel tunnel which is a east fix ( my friends say who had it fixed)





    I just saw this thread! Wow sounds like quite the ordeal. I wish you all the best with your recovery. T

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