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  1. Thank you-- I kinda go slack-jawed when wearing mine to make the seal better. One of my cohorts studied at Utah State and actually did some kind of training (something like mustard gas?!) to test fit. Any suggestions what to do to test it? Easily?
  2. I use it when cleaning shelves, chiseling the kiln floor, sweeping, dremel work-- all the fun stuff! I don't use it for loading/unloading. I see that there is a drop-down, in a small size at that site! If anyone uses that type and would recommend it for ergonomics, I'd love to hear it!
  3. Greetings! This is my first post, and it's an exciting one! I have a problem with my 3M Respirator. It's kinda big and my glasses have to sit up a bit for it to fit properly on my face. And the straps are terrible for my head posture-- I notice a lot of neck tension over time. Are there certain respirators that women artists have found particularly comfortable? I have the basic mask from Home Depot. It appears they've upgraded the model, so I don't see exactly what I own, but I'm hoping people have one that they love. Anything to make wood firing more joyous! Obliged, Amy
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