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  1. Hi Folks, sorry I'm back. How's everyone been? Mixed bag for me the last few months while I sold/bought places to live and moved from ID to OR.  No time for clay until recently, found my motivation with renewed interest. 

    1. Min


      Back to clay sounds waaaay better than moving! Glad you are back! Are you on the coast?

    2. yappystudent


      Yes Min, southern coast. Very rainy and blustery but I like it so much better than the upper great basin!

    3. Min


      Beaches are so beautiful along there, lucky lady!

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  2. House closing escrow, trying to ...oh it's just too complicated. Moving is a madhouse. Haven't done much clay lately.

    1. glazenerd


      Get through this, resettle and then you can really enjoy clay time.

    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      I completely agree. It has taken almost 10 months and still not completely set up to full capacity in my shop. Two largest kilns not functional yet.


  3. I painted today: put a layer of gold craft paint on my scuffed up paint-splattered Birkenstocks, yay! Everything going to hell in a handbasket otherwise.

  4. Really need to work on something, but slaving night and day to get my house ready for sale. Have to set a couple hours by for art, I'm feeling it's loss. (Of art, not the house ^^)

    1. glazenerd


      If only life allowed us to do what we love most.

    2. yappystudent


      Yes, and WHEN we love it most. -TY

  5. Right now all I can think about is my impending move out of state. Surrounded by piles of small bisqueware and no means to fire it. Argh!

  6. Stoneware in the kiln at the college, should have a couple pieces to pick up soon, then a bit more later. I'm thinking about taking the summer class too, it was a good experience.

    1. Pres


      Oh OH, You've been bitten! Life will never be the same!

  7. Last pottery class this week, got my raku back, meh. Folks felt such a connection someone suggested we meet again next wk to pick up and glaze our final works outside of class time. I have some stoneware left to glaze. Maybe I'll finally make/get a successful mug with my own hands.

    1. Pres


      First throwing class, saved nothing til the last construction week-9 pots. Mugs, still have the first in parents home-terrible reminder of wonderful first days on the wheel, Look at it and remember fondly even though the pot is for crap.

    2. Benzine


      I still have all my wheel thrown wares, from my first Ceramics class. The bowls aren't too bad, the mugs on the other hand... As my instructor noted on one of them, "Well, that's insulated!"

    3. oldlady


      yappy, that is the exact way that the Shenandoah potters guild was started years ago. nobody wanted to stop being together.

  8. Spent way too long in pottery lab decorating and attaching handles. Went in bright-eyed, left grumpy and tired. They better not be garbage when they come out!

  9. (*rewrite) -3rd pottery class last night. None of my work worth mentioning had been bisqued so I sat out the stoneware glazing to practice on the wheel. Bummer. Going back in to make some handles today.

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Wheel practice more important than glazing anyways. Don't fret! = )

  10. *Bisqued, not glazed, derp.

  11. 3rd pottery class last night. To my disappointment none of my greenware had been glazed so I sat out the glazing demonstrations at the wheel practicing cylinders. Going back in to put handles on them today.

  12. Second pottery class tonight. Saw a raku firing done for the first time. Threw another pot, started a hand-built berry bowl and sig stamp. got to show off a couple of my self-made jewelery molds. Glazed my things for raku firing next week. Fun times.

  13. Started a short (1 month only) pottery class last night. Touched a wheel for the first time in 8 years. Given my past experiences I think I was a trooper. Made a pot-thing sort of then ran out of time. Hand built a couple more. It was very mellow. Long drive there/back. To my surprise we'll be given KEYS TO THE STUDIO and can come in and basically do 'lab' work unsupervised any time there isn't another class on. This is a fully equipped college pottery room and I'm delight...

    1. Pres


      Excellent, where do I have to drive to?

    2. Roberta12


      Wonderful! Enjoy!

    3. GiselleNo5


      Ooooh how cool!

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