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  1. The Blue Wren is a member of the Fairy Wren's so completely different than that of the Blue Tit...
  2. Well the technician in my ceramics class added some pigment powder to the glaze and the result after firing was zero I’ll be sticking to using underglaze paint as I’ve bought two colours Arctic Blue and cobalt blue that have given me good results in testing. I also have tried the deep blue adding white and white adding blue. Will find out tomorrow the results.
  3. Apologies... The latest picture is of a painting and not photo of the Blue Wren and Jenny Wren
  4. I have included more info on this bird known as the Blue Wren here in Australua
  5. This photo is of an Adult male Superb Fairy-wren which are among the most brightly coloured of the species, especially during the breeding season. They are commonly known as The Blue Wren. The males are often accompanied by a band of brown ‘jenny wrens’, often assumed to be a harem of females but a proportion of them are males which have not yet attained their breeding plumage. I am from Australia
  6. Thank you all for your replies... i will let you know how I go
  7. I will be making more test tiles to try that out as well as getting the two new blue colours... It’s harder will Ceramics because of the change of colour after glaze firing. Especually as I want a vivid blue and turquoise
  8. Temp is 1000 degrees and the glaze is Duncan’s Envision Glaze Clear Gloss. Clay is Psper clay white Earthenware. I will be buying Cisco Arctic Blue and Cobalt Blue tomorrow as they are lighter than the Dark Blue.
  9. I am a university student in my final year and am doing Independent Studies for Ceramics. I need to make a vivid blue and turquoise blue (like a peacocks colour) but have not been able to make it by mixing Deep Blue with other colours. Please see image of bird below for the colour required particularly the body and tail colours. Can anyone suggest the right colour combination for this? The colour of deep Blue is perfect before I add glaze, as the glaze changes the colour to a very dark blue. Or... Is there a vivid blue available already made? I am using Cesco brush on Underglaze.
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