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  1. I am going to start with the electrician and then have a kiln tech come out. I had to unload an entire kiln's worth of glazeware and drive it to a friends because I have a show this week-end. Only another potter would understand thankfully I have great friends. There are kiln tech's in my co-op that can come and check it out for me or I can call a tech from a distributor. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I have a standard old school Skutt with a kiln sitter but not really old, from about 2005 or so, just not computerized. It normally runs like a champ and no issues with the elements. I belong to a large co-op but probably do 10 or so loads at home so it doesn't get heavy use as I fire most of my work at the other studio. Of course I have a show this week-end and was ready to run one last load through since I sold quite a bit at my co-op sale. For the first time my kiln tripped the breaker when I turned it to high, but not right away, about a half hour in. This is after I had it on low fo
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