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  1. Darwinism is more about the ongoing adaptation to the advantages in an ever changing world, like we do when we make pottery that suits its use and context, but driven by success leading to more offspring suited to that context. As an adaptation ceases to suit its context's demands, itr falls back away. white bears in the arctic but pretty rare in the south etc... round bottomed pots for fire-pit usage or flat bottomed for a stove. fire cleaned dishes in kurgan obvara, or water and sand cleaned pots in coastal areas lead to other surfaces and firing temps. Kiln enables higher temps, salty lumb
  2. i had my mind spun by this theory, such a different to make pottery, reminds me of walter auer's bears...
  3. i have the cary ilian and the ben carter, and i use this richard phethean as a reference often, very clear pictures and great text! on sale at ceramic arts network! do i get commission? https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/shop/throwing/
  4. Sometimes Supporting a struggling student with simplified resources helps everyone, I like the idea of a photo poster step by stepping through the process, others might be helped by it too. It does demand more of us and its far easier if we are given a heads up in advance so we can prepare resources and select a wheel which is the first he sees when he enters the room etc... I think music has great success with alzheimer affected patients, can a song about throwing help the rest of us, are there already such songs or could we write one or ask someone to? what about that kind hearted sha
  5. must be an amazing text, amazon price is 256.49$! next stop library....
  6. Long term tracking of my new home service set for young Quakers, friends and students. I welcome your questions and suggestions, i might not act on all of them, but i might.
  7. yes, i read that when it came out. tracking time might also be useful, as evryday passes after my first kick at pricing a mug i kept thinking of time/labour based considerations i forgotr to include. The easy answer is what the market will bear, but also to lead te market to keep up with fair wages, sourcing with other good sources of electricity, materials services etc...
  8. LOL, yep i know HULK (BTW you were a smash hit in your last movie) pretty sure this book is meant for a fairly small audience, not grade 9 pottery kids, not for the average person, but Potters do tend to be a little more literate and philosophical so it might serve them well, but i think its actually aimed at use by Art critics, historians and other academic folk. it is focussed on "art" ceramics more than houseware ceramics here's a quote from an approachable article and then ones which are gradually more and more ivory tower- "ceramics are central to our lives. we live i
  9. yes, and that doesnt really give you a final answer but it helps you see your practices with some care, it might be good to do it every five years or so, if someone was good at spreadsheets they could set it up to just plug in the numbers and it would spit out the full cost accounting - it might suggest places that we are worried about which we needn't, or places we should stare hard at and do some tweaking. not the heart of the art for certain, but worth a look occasionally, then when someone asks we can tell them with accuracy. BTW- ive really enjoyed the care and help offered by
  10. I find students get excited when they get a bowl made and their first successful day is boom boom boom success, then they backslide when they come in next time becaue they shift their focus from the basics to the cool new thing they want to try next. Often they are so focussed on their hands that they forget to brace to their own body by linking elbow to rim or leg, so I have a 2x4 brace from a stage set that i use to help them feel grounded and braced and the ease of centring that follows. some learn amazingly quickly and others incubate and burst in their learning. are there bo
  11. I bought it for a Ceramic Art History Course and It was usefull for getting pithy quotes to sew an argument together with, it was nice to hear different sides of the issues from articles written in the thick of the events, and I admit i have not sat down to read the whole thing, but It is in articles by themes chapters so when you awake to an interest you can find it and explore it in bite sized peices. Scanned three random pages into my school's Reading level diagnostic sftware and it is rated as PHD plus plus. i suppose because of all the Artspeak and pottery technical terms.
  12. no worries, the 7$ was just the baseline, its good to have stuff at many price points and then you can ask what you think its really worth, Sam, how do i get your stuff if I cant travel to your shows? does a gallery sell for you also and do online orders?
  13. LOL , now you are doing your local pricing calculation now, Thanks for refining the calculations. Id love to buy one of your mugs, i looked at your website Sam, Wow! I started thinking only "Now i have riled you i owe you that, and i suspect you make wonderful mugs" but i ended up jaw dropped at the beauty of your work!
  14. I like doing the real cost accounting, it often surprises me how little it costs to make something, all things considered. A really good conclusion jump goes much farther than a nearly accurate guess. The other benefit is to see where your actions can be refined to save you effort and still get a nice result for a lower cost input. It might discourage certain highly decorated styles but might favor subtle simpler designs. Where you are geographically, where you are on your career journey, what is subsidized by your community all affects the results. Free education, rent control, single
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