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  1. As soon as I get back home ill do just that. Its an octagon styled kiln with three element controls and a manual Kiln sitter. I've had it for a year now and only fired it twice now. I tend to trust the ole Cress with all my wife's better pieces.
  2. Yea as my wife and are just hobbiests for the last twenty years the ole cress has preformed admirably, this new one (new to me) was cheap enough that I think Ill get a digital sitter and pyrometer for a more accurate control on things.
  3. Fantastic information all Thanks for sharing. I have peeked at the elements and know for certain all switches are good, all three elements glow equally so power is getting to the elements. As for make model for wiring there is none. No name and no model. I'm suspecting the elements as well but did truly wonder if cones expire (Thanks for the straight answer on that with out judgment) Test procedure will help and ill post any further results as soon as it warms up enough to spend some quality time with it. Till then the old Cress will continue to preform its duties
  4. Right all you skilled artisan's Firstly thanks in advance for your shared knowledge and ideas. Right to it then shale we So I have a new to me kiln make model unknown age unknown. It was free to me so i spent a few coins to refurbish it to usable status. This is a reduction kiln 220 volt 3 elements three manual controllers rated to cone 6. very simple to use. Any ways it is my second use of the kiln, first was to cone 4 and it took a similar amount of time to achieve this as my cress does. +/- 4 hours till the sitter trips once i reach 100% energy usage on the manual dials. The Cress has served me well for 20 years with and I'm extremely familiar with all its little quirks. Cone 4 takes four hours cone 6 takes Six. This new one is similar in cone 4 firing but the just fired cone six is an epic fail. So that's the back story. The new kiln was run in the same manner as the cress and at 100% energy usage on all three dials I start my timer. After ten hours there still was no sign of it shutting down so I manually tripped the sitter. Let it cool over the next day and looked in toady. What I found is a confusion to me. below are a few shots of what i found and maybe with the skill of a billion eyes and minds some one can shed light on it. First question I have is - do cones have an expiry date? Sounds dumb but if i don't ask......... See in the foto it did not even droop a little. not one bit. That seems odd to me. Second do we see glazes under fired or over fired? If question one is a yes then maybe it was to old a cone and i may as well have used a nail for a cone. Or is it under fired and after ten hours at 100% they still had not achieved temperatures needed for cone 6 firing. Ive also noted that the shinier bowl is lower down in the kiln to the other four so maybe this is indicating element temperature variants between the three coils. Hmmmmm One last thing of note, I'm from the north and the temperature outside the Kilns was a balmy -25 C (-11.2 f for my southern brothers and sisters). This has never bothered my Cress before but may be this too is a factor on timing. So that's my story today, Thanks again for your ideas Cone unbent and four bowls
  5. Two forty volt systems will do this all the time. Was my first thought for older systems. Light works off of the one pole (120v 120v vand a common) one can get loose or burned off leaving the other pole to still drive the 120 components with in. Still time for an Xmas firing. Ill be doing our last glaze firing on Thursday. Either way this is a good Christmas miracle for ending the year on. Merry Christmas
  6. You sir are king for the day! That image has streamlined my old man project for this day! Thanks for that. with that image ill simply make my own handle and purchase a bunch of the stamps. She used to use a plastic thing like this but it's lifespan was shorter then a Nat in matting season.
  7. Yes if it was in the plug (after market plug from hard ware store could be as simple as one poll has come loose. Start simple and work in. Breaker, plug, where cord connects to sitter. The simple to fix places are always good starting point. Good luk
  8. This is a perfect addition to her studio needs. She was just showing me these tools and wondered if that would be an issue. Mind if i reproduce these for her use in house?
  9. That's a great idea. Now I have it sorted I can setup for spring recycling of her clay. Yea fun times for me, guess i should learn the skill my self, but after watching her for 30 years if it hasn't rubbed off on me by now........... Thanks for your input.
  10. Good day all Here my quire this fine Sunday morning Can I recycle my wife's clay leavings (left overs) if they have been frozen for the winter? She has a small studio and space is always at a premium so I would like to place a bin out side the studio in, shale we say quit frigid weather. By frigid we are talking -40 c (Cold ish) at the worst end of things. Then come spring or when ever there is enough to warrant the task of re-claiming it.
  11. Funny ole world, this recipe you list here is the very same i have started with. Read lots of positive about it so figured that would be a good starting point. Thanks for sharing your knoledge.
  12. Awesome, Thanks for your input. I've read here that one should do a bisck firing first before a glaze job on newly washed shelves. fact or fiction do you think?
  13. Any chance you can elaborate on this adjustment and tools used? I have just purchased new parts for my sitter and it did not come with any form of adjustment instructions. I needed to replace my ceramic tube & rod as the tube itself was completely gone (old kiln we have had for 15 years and was used before we had it). Now that we have got time on our hands, my wife and I have picked up where we left off and the equipment is getting used more, these little details about servicing equipment need to be relearned.
  14. Can any one state whether I need to fire my newly washed shelves before first use? I have trolled extensively and not been successfully in finding this piece of the procedure.
  15. Thanks for this info Up until 5 mins ago i was reading info that stated your information almost word for word. I like that sort of synergy as it tells me there is fact to the information being disseminate through out the web. I'll let it settle out and gently pull about 4 litres or water off of the top. Ill weigh it out too, so I know ruffly whats left. I have also read that I should be seeing about 145 grams specific gravity for a clear glaze. Right now it is sitting around 120, how does that sit with you all?
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