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  1. small (wet clay ) exploded piece then bottom shaped - using firecrackers. Wear safety goggles and use a trash can cover to shield from explosion at minimum. PS: Make sure it's legal or you get a permit where you live , or you could get arrested. Also - We have had exploded clay in my class when some did sculptures too solid or no air holes, both were determined to cause it . I have a piece with someone else's exploded clay (in cone 10 glaze fire?!?) stuck to it
  2. midnight potter , Is that possible? did you say your glaze caused the clay to also melt?
  3. it is more expensive than the other blue but more vibrant. this is just a computer shot but hope you can see the intensity of color on babu
  4. So where is the final piece? Did you try it in a preheated oven? Mom puts ceramic on the stovetop?! My guess is that it will take so much abuse, but eventually she will be cleaning up some water..and that there is a reason archeologists find tons of water jugs and bowls, but fewer solid ceramic cooking pots... though this is cool http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/september-2011/article/6-000-year-old-cooking-pots-show-gradual-transition-to-agriculture-study-reveals
  5. Buckeye- Last item done with nara paper clay cone10 - not so happy. Lots more cost - The final product wasn't that much lighter... glaze application was not much different looking to me . The thin edges at the bottom chipped after bisque and during glazing application even after glaze and fire. The final blah flat greyish color at least is only on the bottom -is also well ...blah. I have a larger item to glaze and fire once I'm back to school I used the texture to it's advantage -lots of ripped edges . This one may make me happier with it.... we shall see in a few weeks. I do want cook up the rest of I the stuff I got and then get more babu . Please post if you have experimented with any of the porcelains yet!
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