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  1. Success in the sense of viewer engagement. I was thinking about all ceramic accounts in general. Not just mine. Thanks for all of the tips. I will defiantly put together a group of photos to release slowly. Great idea! Thanks! Jared
  2. What types of posts are people having the most success with? I have noticed a recent increase in trowing/trimming videos, and I was wondering if those were yielding the most success. Feel free to check out my Instagram page @jaredgreenceramics. Thanks! Jared Green www.jaredgreenceramics.com
  3. Thanks everyone for your help! I called them this morning and they are sending the part my way. Many thanks, Jared
  4. The coil of the relay is what pulls in the contactor arm, which you are doing by pressing the arm in now. If there is voltage on this coil and it doesn't pull in than the relay is bad. If there is no voltage on this coil than what ever is feeding the voltage to the relay is not working, like the infinite switch is not sending voltage to the relay coil. You are close to finding the problem. If it is the relay you can replace it yourself. You should be sure to identify the coil of the relay, because the voltage to it should turn on and off as needed to heat the kiln properly. Good luck. David There seems to be voltage on the coil. I'm going to go ahead and order a new relay. I can't seem to find my exact relay, but there seem to be two that are very similar to the one in my kiln. Mine has both PRD-60908 and PRD-71G0. The ones I can find only have the second set of numbers. I'm happy to include more information on my specific part if necessary. 1.https://www.amazon.com/Electromechanical-Relay-DPST-NO-120VAC-290Ohm/dp/B00B888AZ0/ref=lp_10865551011_1_4?srs=10865551011&ie=UTF8&qid=1476583406&sr=8-4 2.https://www.amazon.com/TE-CONNECTIVITY-POTTER-BRUMFIELD-PRD-7AG0-120/dp/B00HRNSWN0 Thanks, Jared
  5. All of the wires are working the way they should according to the voltage meter. I even tried bypassing the wires with a separate wire to see if that would trigger it to trip and nothing happened. It only triggers with manual contact. I'm not sure i completely understand what the coil is you are taking about. Jared
  6. The relay is not working properly. I tested the voltage and I was getting 240 everywhere. When I pressed the relay in, the kiln instantly fired up. That explains why it will no longer heat up. Does anyone have tips for buying and changing relays? Should I get a local kiln repair man to do it for me or is it a simple installation? Thanks, Jared
  7. I just let it run for about 1.5 hours and to about stage 6 on the dial, a little hotter than the first time I fired it up. The top and bottom elements were glowing orange and I had no response from any of the others. They still look like new. Is there a way to test the relays and switches? I'd hate to buy new ones if I don't have to. Do you know where I can find a diagram for this specific model? I've looked all over and can't seem to find one for my kiln. It does not appear to be on Cress's website.
  8. I recently acquired a Cress FX-27M kiln and replaced the elements. When I tried firing it up, only the top and bottom elements were heating up. There was no temperature chance from the four middle elements. I installed the elements in the correct order according to the labels on each element. I have also checked all of the connections. The kiln itself has been fired many of times since it used to be at my school. If anybody could help me trouble shoot this problem you would be a big help. I am a high school student so I don't know too much about electrical work. Thanks! Jared Green jaredgreenceramics.com
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