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  1. I'm very curious how this turned out. Did you figure out the problem? Was it the relays?
  2. Believe it or not this is still an issue! We have managed to get a good cone 5 firing after 11 hours and have to adjust the temperature lower to reflect the results from the witness cones. We replaced the thermocouple (i snagged it with a kiln shelf that had some stilts stuck on the underside) but it's firing the same. My colleague has determined that if she leaves the downdraft vent off she gets better results. I'm scratching my head and frankly have kiln repair fatigue. I've spoken with kiln element makers who suspect that it's the kiln elements that aren't actually 208 volts. Evenheat suggests I take an ohm reading but that entails me hiring someone again to remove all the elements, take the readings and rewire the elements. I have consistently forked out cash for this kiln that has never worked right and I'm discouraged. I can spend a few hundred dollars to get someone in and take the readings and determine whether Evenheat sent me the right voltage (i checked with them several times and they insisted they were 208) If they're not 208, I sure hope the company corrects this problem by sending me new ones. But are they going to pay my expenses incurred to figure that out? And if they are 208, what could be the issue? I've got a 3 phase 208 v electric supply and a 208 v 3 phase kiln with new elements, new thermocouple and new relays. The controller is super basic first generation and i'm not getting any error messages. Could it be a transformer issue?!
  3. My kiln tech did it. Basically he disabled the controller and the kiln just went up in temp without being programmed. The TC was registering but that was it. We successfully did a bisque, which was programmed at 06 but cones showed an 05. The TC read 1805. i am willing to make adjustments but for cone 6, it stalls too long and overfires some of my glazes. And that is with me waiting for the cone to bend. So I'm finding it difficult to determine what temp to set it to. If i set it to 2232 it will just keep firing. Do i set it lower? I'm pulling my hair out here.
  4. Yes, it over fired certain of my pieces. I'm thinking about what you're suggesting, but we ran the kiln bypassing the controller and it did the same thing. The thermocouple was reading the temp but we didn't run a program, just went straight to high, seeing whether it would act up around the 1900 mark, and it did. The relays have all been checked. The latest firing took 12 1/2 hours (an improvement!) and I was checking the cones to see when they bent. Again, it took a very long time for them to bend and I ended up with over fired underglazes because of the hold/soak. I'm appreciating the brainstorming here because I just don't know what to do.
  5. The relays are not clicking. The kiln is struggling to raise the temp but it just doesn't seem to be getting enough.... The elements are definitely good. I have been in touch with evenheat and we have the right ones. As we are looking at phase 208 service, we got those elements. We are using a three phase breaker as well in the box. We ran the kiln without the controller and it had the same issue...it slowed down measurably at 1900 and stalled until 2040 or so. We were also using a pyrometer and the temp was off by about 60 degrees (thermocouple read lower than the pyrometer). We also measured the amps and volts and everything was within range. Basically what I'm ending up are a series of holds that I do not want. I want the temperature to continue to rise to cone 6 or thereabouts. I am wondering if it is an issue with the dry transformer in my studio. I'm seriously at a loss. Thank you all for your replies!
  6. Not sure which question to answer first. It does indeed sound like there's not enough power. A 60 amp circuit was installed in the fuse box and that leads to a breaker box with the appropriate 60 fuses. Maybe we should call th electrician back. As for the relays, there were 3, one for he top element, one for he bottom element, and one for the 4 center elements. That meant one relay worked 4 elements. Now the center elements are split up into 2 and 2. The wiring is all done according to the diagrams provided with the kiln. The perfect fire controller is first generation and super basic. The rate/hr was set at 500. It just won't seem to go above 1900 without slowing and stalling, not reaching temp.
  7. I bought a used Gare Pf 2329 kiln a few months ago. It was in great physical shape. It's 240 v single phase but we had it installed on a 208 power supply (by a certified electrician) and changed the elements to 208 volt (by a very experienced kiln repairman). He tested the power using a meter and it should have worked. We tried firing to cone 6 but after 19 hours the cones bent (and my glazes begged for the heat to stop, but that's another story). Obviously something was wrong. We had the relays checked and one changed. He also added an extra one since one relay was controlling 4 elements. We successfully did a bisque firing. Today we started a cone 6 firing at 5 am. It was going up well until about 1900 at 12pm, when it started slowing down big time. It was inching up for hours and stalled around cone 1. We turned it off at 9 pm. I can't believe it's still not working properly. The last things are the thermocouple or the controller. The repairman says the thermocouple is fine. We need to call him again. I imagine the next thing he'll check is the controller. These repairs are going to end up costing the same as the kiln did in the first place. But we've invested too much to turn back. I am so frustrated! Any suggestions? Similar stories? I need to fire my work! My work is being showcased in a boutique in little over a week and I can't afford to lose any more pieces to bad firings.
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