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  1. Well, I work for a Pottery tool, and equipment supplier, and we have been purchasing all of our stilts from other companies for years, and have recently though it would be more economic to make our own. In this case, it is not cheaper to purchase them if we can make them ourselves as we sell literally thousands annually.
  2. I have been thinking about making my own kiln stilts on a large scale for low fired ware. Roselli uses molds and slip casts their stilts, I am fairly sure. Is there a benefit to this method? I was thinking about extruding mine and cutting them down to size. I cant see a downside; faster turnaround time, less initial time spent in preparation, no need to keep large quantities of slip or molds laying around, etc.. Am I missing something though? I've never made my own stilts or even used them, though I understand the premise. Any insight is much appreciated.
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