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  1. Well I guess it has been a while since I checked this thread but here goes.... after all this time I am still learning and I have learned that my situation is less than ideal. I have Very little space, a very old kiln , a small budget, very little time with the kids and after 6 two hour sessions (once a week) I get a completely different set of kids, so it is very hard to build on any skills learned. In other words I start from the beginning each time which gets a bit boring for me. I have not attempted any wheel work as I am not confident that I can teach it or that they can learn in . Although I may offer it to four students next class rotation. This year I am going to try pit firing as I think it may be exciting for the kids. Any advice on that? at the beginning of this year we did whistles and that have been the biggest success by far. The kids loved it. I am frustrated with space for sure. slow but sure finding things working but would love advice as always. Best
  2. 75 pounds per student??? oh my I do not think that this is in the budget. I have ordered 25 per student and we do have some let over so we shall see how it goes. I may have not made myself clear ... it is an 8 week class but we only meet one day a week for about 2 hours . Thank you for your help :-)
  3. oh another question, how much clay do you feel that I should order for say 20 kids to start out with? 100pounds 200 ? I have no idea really. and is it best to order a few different colors say 50 lbs of red and 50 lbs of white? or is it best to just use one type ? and how much glaze should I order? I have been looking at the assorted lots on amazon . This is a lot to think about eh? :-)
  4. Thank you everyone for all your help, I am sorry it took so long to respond ... I forgot my password.ugh anyway, I have been busy cleaning the studio as the last person never cleaned and there is junk and dust everywhere. I think I will follow your advice and start with handbuilding. at what point do you all feel that introducing throwing on the wheel is appropriate in the progression of learning ceramics? The problem is that they mix levels together in this school so I will have kids who did learn how to throw... (honestly not correctly I am sure) and kids who have never even touched clay.Personally I want to do this right and slowly build on their knowledge so that everything is done well and not hurried. Thanks for all the ideas!!!
  5. Thank you very much Pres ! many great ideas. Old Lady... my pottery education? ceramics class 1978 ... so I am a total novice. But I do have a fine arts back ground. What I am most afraid of is that big scary Kiln!!!! The short amount of time I have is another obstacle . Thanks for all the information on this website everyone.
  6. Hello I am an artist without a ceramics background.I did dabble in throwing and building in college...hmmmm that was in 1978 ha ha. so not I am asked to teach ceramics to a group of students grades 7-9 (classes will be mixed) there will be 8-16 students in the class. I have two wheels , one a kick one electric and one big scary kiln ha ha. I have learned so much from reading this site. however I have questions. I only have one class for 8 weeks so just 8 classes. what would be a great project for those 8 weeks ? or should I do more than one ?opinions? What do i absolutely need to have on hand in the studio ? and what suggestions does anyone have for a first time ceramics studio teacher with not much knowledge in the subject? Thanks so much to everyone in advance. This is an amazing site. peace
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