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  1. @jbruce Great stuff! I only mentioned the ground as I couldn't see any ground in your pic, so I thought I would just mention it. Yes, it is such great fun controlling a kiln, the most enjoyable bit for me was the first ever firing, and taking the pieces out the kiln lol, that's a huge cat! the pic is our Russian blue but we also have Siamese. yes, I do tend to "lurk" but only because i'm a bit dyslexic so I don't particularly enjoy reading or writing; thankfully coding and glancing over a few ic datasheets doesn't really count. lol
  2. Great project! I'm really enjoying following along with your progress. Just some comments from an artist (not an electrical engineer); the metal box to me looks very scary if it's not grounded. My kiln draws ~22 amps and I made sure the exposed metal sides of the kiln has a good ground path to earth that will easily dump enough current to allow the main breaker to go. (checkout ground bond testing) It looks like the AC power runs very close to the TC cable? to reduce noise you could try and keep the AC line away from the TC cable and also using a shielded TC cable. The TC
  3. Just an update on my controller project; recently I've been adding some extra features like; better programme management and allowing a thermocouple offset value; this weekend I'm going to try and add wifi to it so I can push real-time firing information online so it can be picked up remotely using a smartphone etc, not sure how that will go. [update] I created some c# code on my PC to talk to the wifi module using the modules AT commands, the calls worked out fine, so that part all works; after that I created a simple HTML page which will display potentially the LIVE kiln dat
  4. I will be making it available as soon as it's complete.
  5. A very aesthetical composition; I especially like the leaf spacing.
  6. Hi, i've attached a PDF of the schematic / circuit diagram of my diy digital kiln controller so far; I will post a link to the firmware and other details once complete; I basically have to do some more LIVE testing before I'm happy with it. Current Progress Schematics
  7. Hi Bob, just a quick question, I just wondered why you choose to the run the ad595 through an opamp, were you using it to scale the output voltage from the ad595 to the arduino ?
  8. Hi, just an update on my kiln controller project; I built up another unit tonight which has my new firmware on; there are a couple of bugs to sort before I do any test firings but i'm starting to get back into it now.
  9. Yeah deffo! I think I will try and incorporate that chip in the next version of my board, so cheap as well!
  10. Hi; I found a bit of spare time recently so I added some code to allow the user to add new programmes to the controller; this took me far longer than I expected, but at least that bit is complete now. to be continued... ;-)
  11. Nice work Joel! I've have been too busy at work to look at my stuff but, hope to return to it shortly; I did buy some MAX chips to compare against the AD595; I like the pwm to voltage converter, thanks for posting the circuits. Keep up the progress!
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