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  1. Thanks everyone! I ended up cutting around and picking it all out! I read on another page that you can make kiln wash into a putty like and fill it so I have done that and coated the rest of the floor with a more liquid kiln wash! It should hold up I'm hoping for a new kiln soon so as long as it lasts until then!
  2. Thanks everyone! I ended up cutting around and picking it all out! I read on another page that you can make kiln wash into a putty like and fill it so I have done that and coated the rest of the floor with a more liquid kiln wash! It should hold up I'm hoping for a new kiln soon so as long as it lasts until then!
  3. I ordered my potters wheel from them, they have great customer service! They have some iffy people in the warehouse because for the cheap prices I have placed many orders from them but a lot get messed up, ordering clay from them sucks but my wheel came fine and fast so I would bet you have good luck with the kiln! I'm on Nantucket so it is traveling a bit too!
  4. Hi guys, I have an issue! I had a bowl with Amaco tawny glaze and it came out extremely light so I reglazed it, however that glaze is super runny and ran onto my kiln floor and melted the floor it looks like, I also have a chunk missing now. How do you recommend cleaning and getting the rest of the glaze off the kiln floor without ruining it more??
  5. Could you post the huge thread you are talking about??
  6. I have the model k-810 forgot to type that, its about a foot by a foot on the inside, the model does not have a time on it so I'm relying on myself recording the time length etc every time. I do let the kiln sit on the first switch for an hour and by the time I either close the lid and or get to the second switch something blows up the following few minutes, do you think all the steam still isn't out by then? Im sure its about the 200 degrees it needs by then. I have a temp gun that reaches 640 degrees that I have been using to monitor the warm up.
  7. Hi guys! I was wondering what websites are recommended to start with! Im going to make an etsy soon to sell but what kind of sites do you use and costs?? How do you feel about Facebook pages??
  8. Well I finally have a space where I have recently made my own personal studio and I have a smaller kiln sitter kiln for that space and I just can't figure out what has been doing it. Last week was my first explosion is all the years Ive been throwing, now its a non stop streak. I know the air bubbles are totally me if their is some, but I also have been letting my pieces dry out much longer to keep from the moisture to causing it, Im just so lost as to what else it might be. For a smaller kiln I think an hour per each switch is plenty of enough time to warm up and let any extra moisture escape. So frustrating!
  9. Guys I'm having a serious issue, almost every bisque I have done recently in my new kiln sitter is having explosions. I have been letting my clay sit out longer and get even more bone dry yet it still keeps happening. I've made sure no air bubbles except for one piece had them however this is becoming an issue. Any help or something someone might recommend would be great! With the kiln being a kiln sitter I don't have much control to do holds I can only control the switches on the way up which I have lengthened a lot but once I hit the second switch everything goes boom, very discouraging
  10. Thanks guys! Im definitely gonna look more into this and a lot more reading to do!!
  11. I love drippy and runny glazes so I am trying to learn how to now get those little ones that slip down! Thanks for all the helps guys
  12. Hi guys! Id love to start making my own glazes however I have no idea how to! Where I used to help teach the other artist always made the glazes and now on my own Id love to learn! Ive tried looking it up and watching videos but I just can't get the hang of it! Any help with ideas, recipes, recommendations and options would be great!
  13. Hi guys! I was wondering what to do for grinding my own glaze drips off my pieces that are unwanted! Before I had my own studio, I was using a professional one of my friends that worked amazing but money wise I'm thinking of just getting a drill bit with a grinding stone on it! I have a feeling a grinding stone will take a lot longer than finding something electric, Any advice on which to get or what works for you please let me know
  14. Hi guys! I'm looking to purchase a trimming took to help out and I've used a griffin grip before however I found the Bailey quick trim and it literally seems the same just cheaper! I was wondering who has what and opinions/recommendations! Thanks
  15. Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone who works with a small 12 in by 12 in kiln with a kiln sitter (even heat model k-810) had any recommendations for it. Ive never used one and getting to the correct cone 5 is a little hard (bisque is fine), Im also trying to find out a rough estimate of how long it might take it to reach? The cones I don't feel like Im using correctly or I just won't reach temp. anyone having any tools they recommend for measuring the temp as it goes without having to wire something in??
  16. I was able to reach temp to do a bisque, I'm running the kiln now to see if I can properly get it up to cone 5, any recommendations about a temperature gauge that would work with an old kiln sitter? Im not knowledgable enough to rewire, but other than cones what would you recommend using to measure?
  17. So excited about this forum!

  18. I belive i figured it out! Thanks what would you recommend for pyrometric cones? I know lots of people say going above one cone to reach the temp below it, Im firing to cone 5-6 right now!
  19. Hi everyone! Im so glad I found this page, I recently started up my own little studio finally and was given a small little even heat kiln model k-810 with a kiln sitter. Im doing test firing and it seems to heat up and everything seems fine however being so little I assumed it won't take as long to reach temperature, the cones look like they weren't even affected at all. Im so confused and cannot find any info on this older kiln! Please help
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