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  1. Thanks so much for all your replies. It was so nice to wake up on Christmas morning and read them!! However, I'm hoping you can enlighten me further.... I understand the whole earthenware/stoneware thing - and was actually thinking of making the butter bell out of earthenware because I guessed the shape was not conducive to higher firing in stoneware - I didnt even think about the vitrification "problem". I'll definitely give it a try next time Ive got some terracotta. In the meantime - can someone explain the "sacrificial slab" to me? Is it just a "saucer" type thing you put underneath
  2. A little bit off the topic - but if someone could help I would certainly appreciate it...Ive been making French Butter Dishes (I think theyre known as "Butter Bells" in the U.S.) and having a lot of trouble with the Cone 6 glaze firing. If I fire the lid and the pot separately, they both warp. If I fire them together, they usually stick despite using wax with alumina in it. Ive also tried making sacrificial "saucers" to sit both the bell and the insert on - but had trouble with the clay fusing to the pot - although I do concede it could have been that particular clay (which Ive subsequently he
  3. Thanks for all the comments on single firing - but no-one has mentioned either the firing schedule they use OR whether they use their normal glazes (I fire to Cone 6) I am assuming you may need a much lower temperature glaze to achieve a "glazed" effect. I was thinking of single firing some stoneware pieces for the garden and brushing on earthenware glaze. Can anyone see any potential problems? Also (so many questions!) will single fire, say up to 1000 degrees centigrade, still allow the stoneware clay to vitrify? And must it be fully vitrified for use as a planter pot?? All comments and sugg
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