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    sprig2 reacted to LeeU in Metal rod that will fire to cone 5-6   
    I don't know anything about welding rods, but you can buy  Kanthal brand nichrome wire in various guages...I get 11 guage for a ^6 fire and it's rated to 10. It comes on a roll and I use pliers to straighten it.  It is less expensive that way (tho still not cheap). I fire my beads/pendants on that wire w/no problem. After X number of fires, they will eventually begin to sag, so I try not to put too many pieces on each rod. Ceramic suppliers carry it. Don't get the lighter guages-they don't hold up.
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    sprig2 reacted to JohnnyK in Metal rod that will fire to cone 5-6   
    Considering that ^10 is just under 2400 degrees F and ^6 is about 2232 degrees F and carbon steel melts between 2600 & 2800 degrees F, you might just try a small package of welding rods. They are cheap and if they last for just a few firings you will still be waayyy ahead of the game cost wise. If you want to be a big spender, stainless steel melts at 2750* F, which is still way above cone 10. The rods are about 36" long. You can get 4 @ 8.5 " pieces per rod at a cost of about $10 for about 10 rods of carbon steel.
    Here is a chart of metals and their melting points...

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    sprig2 reacted to neilestrick in Paragon QF fiber kiln   
    You can make kiln shelves, but they aren't made of normal clay. Google kiln shelf recipe and you'll see. The easier solution would be to cut a piece from an old broken shelf.
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    sprig2 reacted to Arnold Howard in Paragon QF fiber kiln   
    I don't recommend firing directly on the QuikFire IV fiber bottom. A shelf would last much longer. Paragon no longer sells the 4" x4" shelf. But we can cut a shelf down to that size for you. If you are interested, please send an email to info@paragonweb.com. Laura will answer.
    Arnold Howard
    Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA
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    sprig2 got a reaction from Teala62 in Narrowed It Down To A Couple Wheels?   
    I agree with you guys on fit and comfort being important. I am not super tall at 5' 6" but I have long legs for my height.  I am going to take a day trip to a supply house next week if all goes as planned. They have some wheels there I can sit at! Three brands from what their web site says. I have a list now of things to consider while looking. Its a good starting point!
    Joseph F I checked out the Hsinchuen Lin videos, thank you, now I have two people to learn from.
     Thanks guys
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    sprig2 got a reaction from Grammy in New To Ceramics- Trying To Buy Used Kiln   
    I have to agree with some other comments that is a good sized kiln. You sure you want one that big for starting out? I didn't see any photos of the inside. There probably were some but just not showing. I saw ti said plus 4 photos.
    Are the bricks in solid shape? Any big chunks knocked out of them? Are any of the elements sagging outside their seating into the kiln? 
    I agree that LT 3K is the Kiln Sitter not the model number of the kiln.  I prefer kilns that run with kiln sitters. Each person has their opinion on that. So to me that is a plus.
    Does this kiln have 2.5" brick or 3" brick inside? I haven't had a Skutt brand so I don't know what their brick thickness is.  Depending on the temperatures your planning on firing you may want to do some research on that.
     If its in reallllllllly good shape inside and out I don't think that is a horrible price for it. I would say it partly depends on where you are located as well. I have noticed some places used kilns are just down right cheap, others they seem to resell for a bit more.  Plus if it comes with a decent amount of shelves, post, some stilts, boxes of cones,  thats worth something too.
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