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  1. I didn't look up Kanthal brand so perhaps that is why. I just looked up Nichrome wire. This would be good as its easy to get and cost effective when compared to buying already made supports. If I only needed one I would just buy one but I need enough to fill a kiln EDIT: I am ordering Kanthal wire. This should work. Thank You
  2. This is a very interesting idea. That rod in the kiln sitter is actually the right size for hanging pendants from I think. I will do further research on what this is made of to see if its a cost effective option that could handle the weight of items hung on it.
  3. I did a search and didn't find a thread on this subject. So I am posting to ask. I need a metal rod that will hold pendants, ornaments. etc. My glazes are cone 5-6 so I need it to handle those temps. I have nichrome wire but its not rated to that high a temp when I looked it up. I saw some rods being sold as being able to go to cone 10 on a site but it did not say what type rod it was and it was quite expnesive if you needed more than one or two. I want to make my own bead trees and ornament holders for firing as I need enough of them to fill my kiln. What type of metal rod will fire to cone 5-6 , I don't need it to go to cone 10? I have searched the net and so far all I have found are several articles suggesting the use of welding rods .. stainless steel welding rods, hat they will go to cone 5-6?. So my questions is does anyone know of a metal rod I can buy that is a tleast 1/8th diameter, I feel it needs to be atleast this diameter to hold up to holding pendants and ornaments without bending. Something I can buy and cut into lengths I need? The reason I don't just order the cone 10 rod from the ceramic shop is its 6" long and expensive it would cost a fortune to do enough holders to fill my kiln. It does not say what type metal rod that is? I feel I could buy in bulk and cut to the sizes I need to make enough holders to fill my kiln. I am looking into the welding rods in the mean time. Thank You
  4. Thank you Arnold Howard, I will print off the manual to see how to handle no having a shelf and if I need to kiln wash the bottom.
  5. I stumbled onto this little fiber kiln at a thrift shop. Fun right . It didn't have the furniture kit, it appears it may never have even been fired. It is also missing one of the metal brackets that holds the bottom to the metal base but its feels secure even without that bracket three brackets are still there (see photo). Its a Paragon QF no numbers on the model number plate area just says QF next to model number... My question is can I make a shelf for the bottom of this with clay? If so should I use stoneware? Eartenware? Does anyone know if there is anywhere to buy the furniture kit still and maybe get that bracket as well? I checked Paragon's site but didnt see it there. The furniture kit they have for this type kiln is bigger than this kiln is. Orrrrr can I kiln wash the bottom of this kiln and fire with no shelf without ruining it ? The bottom raised area shown in pic is 3.75" square. I have not fired it yet as I wasn't sure what to do about no shelf and kiln wash? Thanking you in advance for any information.
  6. I have a new to me paragon kiln A82B-3 ,, years ago I had 3 Paragon manual kilns so I have the basic how to down... but this kiln has a collar... I didnt have collars before. The main body of the kiln has switches marked low med high.. the collar has a switch marked low and high? This is a manual kiln with sitter/timer. My question is since the collar doesnt have a medium option when do I turn it from low to high? I set the body and collar on low for 2 hours and then when I went to go from Low to medium for the next 2 hours I realized there was no medium on the collar? Well no word "med". I could turn that knob and leave it in between low and high when I go to medium on the body is that what I do? I appreciate the help.
  7. I wanted to let you guys know which wheel I wound up with. ) It has taken me all this time to get a wheel. I have tried and tried to buy one used but have not managed to do so. Tomorrow I pick up my brand new Brent C wheel. I was considering a few different ones thanks to you guys input. I figured if I could find any of the ones I decided on used then that would be the wheel I got! I appreciate all the input you guys gave me. I am very excited to say the least. One thing I have found out is used pottery wheels are sold before the ink dries on the add ROFL... or should I say before the keys stop typing the listing! LOL . I decided to go with the bigger wheel as I have developed a interest in throwing flower pots after watching 9000 throwing videos! LOL ok maybe not 9000 but a bunch! Being a avid gardener myself the planters have really caught my attention! Thank You again.
  8. I have to agree with some other comments that is a good sized kiln. You sure you want one that big for starting out? I didn't see any photos of the inside. There probably were some but just not showing. I saw ti said plus 4 photos. Are the bricks in solid shape? Any big chunks knocked out of them? Are any of the elements sagging outside their seating into the kiln? I agree that LT 3K is the Kiln Sitter not the model number of the kiln. I prefer kilns that run with kiln sitters. Each person has their opinion on that. So to me that is a plus. Does this kiln have 2.5" brick or 3" brick inside? I haven't had a Skutt brand so I don't know what their brick thickness is. Depending on the temperatures your planning on firing you may want to do some research on that. If its in reallllllllly good shape inside and out I don't think that is a horrible price for it. I would say it partly depends on where you are located as well. I have noticed some places used kilns are just down right cheap, others they seem to resell for a bit more. Plus if it comes with a decent amount of shelves, post, some stilts, boxes of cones, thats worth something too.
  9. I agree with you guys on fit and comfort being important. I am not super tall at 5' 6" but I have long legs for my height. I am going to take a day trip to a supply house next week if all goes as planned. They have some wheels there I can sit at! Three brands from what their web site says. I have a list now of things to consider while looking. Its a good starting point! Joseph F I checked out the Hsinchuen Lin videos, thank you, now I have two people to learn from. Thanks guys
  10. Thanks so much for all of you guys info on everything. It has given me some new things to consider! I will look up all of the wheels mentioned! I will let you know what I wound up with!
  11. I don't know anything about the two brands you mentioned. So am no help. I have had several paragon kilns. I liked them fine. Paragon is manufactured about 2 hrs from where I live so its handy if I need support or parts etc. I am not a big fan of digital kilns, but thats just me. I like simple and easy and in expensive to fix should it need it. But a lot of people like the newer kilns with all the bells and whistles.
  12. Background info I am a newbie to throwing pottery. Very new, as in I haven't ever thrown new. I am not new to kilns, firing, casting, a little clay work, glazing, painting etc. I live very rural so I am planning to use Simon Leach videos to learn by. Wish me luck. ) So I have narrowed down my wheel brand to a Brent wheel. What I am not sure of is which one. I plan on functional ware as my focus. I don't plan on doing super large pieces. I am not sure about the wheel size I should get? 12" or 14" The Brent IE , the Brent ie-x or Should I just go all in and get the Brent C or Cxc. The Brent C and CXC seem a bit overkill? I think for functional ware? Am I right in my thinking? I don't think I need a wheel with a 75-100 lb clay ability? So that would leave me with the ie and ie-x .. the ie is a 12" 20 lb clay the ie-x I believe was a 14" 25 lb clay. SInce I am not sure what features a wheel potter uses and wants in a wheel its been difficult to decide? Somethings like a foot pedal seem obvious as a good feature, Do you want a larger wheel? or is the 12" wheel sufficient? Since I havent thrown before I simply do not have a point of reference. I want to buy a wheel that will have the features one would want but I don't want to buy more wheel than I would need? I would like to get a wheel that I won't be saying in a year I should of........ I would appreciate anyones input on which Brent wheel they feel would fit my situation. Thank You Sandy
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