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  1. Every once in a while, a student will come into my workshop and point at a priceless 16th century masterpiece by Chojiro or another grand master of the Raku line and say "I want that one"... I usually roll my eyes, say "you know not what you ask" and direct them to a commercial copper matte, which they're mostly pretty happy with. But maybe I'm being defeatist! I've done a fair bit of haphazard research about Black Raku over the years and it has thrown up a lot of contradictory info. One particularly interesting nugget is that the black glaze was made from special manganese-ric
  2. Thanks all for the great advice. I'm making a range of sizes so, from the sound of it, slump molds are the way forward for the smaller ones. I'm reasonably capable on the wheel so will throw two hemispherical bowls to be conjoined for the larger ones. And if all goes really well @MatthewV, I'll hire an army of enclosed form makers If anyone can recommend a good thread/tutorial for making slump molds, that would be much appreciated too
  3. Hi, I'm making a series of vessels that start out as roughly spherical enclosed forms. As the plan is to make quite a few, I'm wondering what's the most time efficient way of making them in volume. I'm currently making two pinch pots with the same diameter rim and conjoining them but this is proving quite time-consuming. Any suggestions for a good technique to produce them en masse?
  4. Thanks to all for the great advice. I've had a word with the supplier and as High Bridge Potter suggests above, I will go to a higher temp (cone 8) and give it a 30 minute soak. Under-firing seems to be the main problem. I'll try out some of the recipes above but as a shortcut until I've got one fully tweaked, I've bought some Amaco clear celadon
  5. Thanks I was about to ask if Matt Fiske's faux celadon (minus colourant) would be suitable. Is it important to give these glazes a long soak?
  6. Hello all, This is my first post here, though I have been stalking these forums for a while! To briefly introduce myself, I have recently started out as a studio potter in Walthamstow, East London (home to William Morris and birthplace of the Arts and Crafts movement way back when). I studied ceramics from 13-18, developing a love for the smoke and drama of Raku and rediscovered the joy of clay just over a year ago - been an addict ever since I'm lucky enough to work with a talented illustrator who puts underglaze designs on some of my porcelain and white stoneware pieces, bu
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