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  1. Hello guys, My name is Talha and I am new to this forum. I like arts and crafts of all sort and am taking little bit of knowledge + practice from high school art 1 and 2 class to work on random projects. Recently I have been wanting to make a waterfall for my cat. My cat likes to drink water out of my mom's vase (made of clay) which has a money plant in it. He has a plastic waterer, but he does not use it at all. So I thought id make him a waterer with a plant in it. What clay should I use? I saw one clay at michaels and it was an air drying one. Should I go with the classic clay that needs firing? If so, how do I fire it at home? Also, It will need a glossy finish inside and out, so it can hold water (right?). Is the final piece going to be safe for the cat? are there any paints that I should use that are safer for pets or after firing it does not matter? Any input will be appreciated!! Thank you all
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