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  1. Thanks everone! GN I think that makes sense. Ill experiment adding more Spar. dave
  2. I am creating, storing, and firing them flat. I use weight as they are drying to keep them flat. They are also dead flat when going into the kiln. Thanks for the reply dave
  3. Forum- Clay Body- I am using a earthenware clay. 33% Redart 33% Hawthorne Fireclay 33% Grog I just had those materials and mixed it up. I think it is a bit expensive to consider for full time production. Thoughts Vitrify- I am firing the tiles to Cone 1 and haven't run any absorption tests. But its not vitrified for sure probably around cone 5-6, would be my guess. Does floor, wall, and bath tiles need to be completely vitrified for these applications. Cupping- Some tiles are cupping after fire. I was getting flat tiles at cone 05 then added a white slip for colo
  4. I wanted to post my results. After some thought about this all I decided to go low tech and wire slabs from a block of clay using to guide sticks to give a uniform 3/8". Here is the video that pushed me to pic this method. If I need more speed in the future I think I will look at an automated press or extruder. Thanks for the insight,
  5. So pairing something like these two up may work better. and they are only $70 and $23 a piece. Only 6 inch stroke, though double that would be nice. If you all think of any other pairings that would work that would be awesome
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have used these as well for my wood stove and kiln. I think that my concern with it being too fast and too powerful is confirmed. Any ideas on alternatives that could be augmented to create the same ram with power but slower? Thanks dave
  7. Hello, I was thinking about building an extruder as it should be fairly simple. I was thinking of starting with an electric log splitter. Like this one http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200631753_200631753 I would cut off the log cardle and splitter bolt or clamp on a metal box with a die at the end and presto. I know it will be a bit more complicated, but any thoughts? Hydraulic extruders cost a lot and even a nice rack and pinion extruder are $800. I was thinking I could get away with under $500 and have a nice operation. Mostly for making tiles. Concerns are
  8. Here is some additional information as requested. Cone 05 is the target temperature I like firing at this temperature for its ease on the kilns, turn over time and relative ease for a high school classroom setting.
  9. Hello and Thanks for your input! I am trying to formulate a low fire clay body that is close to vitreous and a good glaze fit. Also I mix up all the clay for my high school classes so a quick easy no weigh recipe is essential. I use about 3,000# of dry materials a year. Right now I my recipe is 33-Texas Talc 33- OM4 recipe cost $11.3 per 50# 33- Roseville Absorption is about 12%- Far to much I would like to use gillespie borate in the clay because it is mildly inexpensive compared to frit 3124 $1.9 vs $1.02 I can not find any recipes online that use GB in
  10. Hello All, We are curating a juried show of the best ceramic bowls in the U.S. Are website is www.thebattleofthebowls.com and it has all the pertinent information. There is a $250 award for the best of show. Our deadline for submission is August 1st, so show off those latest designs and all the proceeds go to Amherst County High Schools Ceramics program. Which teaches 200+ students every year about functional and sculptural ceramics. Thanks David Emmert curator
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