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  1. Hi there, love your sculpture!!! You could cut around the body to get the paper out, once your dog is leather hard. I would definitely do this, I wouldn't want to risk leaving the paper in, I also make dogs and regularly do this, make sure you support both ends so the ends don't drop once you've cut around the body, get the wet paper out, then slip around the ends of your dog, put plenty on then using a wooden tool just lightly score the ends, make sure you don't go too deep, you don't want any air pockets, push the too ends together making sure it's all sealed, clean off excess slip and smooth around the join!!! Air holes, I normally use a paint brush through the nostrils, works a treat and you don't have any holes that shouldn't be there. "Goodluck"
  2. janeygirl72

    stoneware dogs

    Handbuilt dogs made from stoneware clay.
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