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  1. I saw it on Pinterest not sure who it's from.
  2. Any tips on glaze color's to get this look? I don't like to make my own glaze so if you know of a glaze brand that would be great.
  3. Looking to find a good creamy white glossy glaze to fire to come 5.
  4. I replaced all 3 thermocouples and put a new relay switch in my L&l easy fire, now instead of slow glaze stopping at 13 hours it is only taking 12 hours and 15 minutes to complete. I did put the ware in before the kiln had completly cooled down from last firing. I think it was showing like 120 defrees when i put in. Would that mess the scheduale up or could it be the thermocouples?
  5. Im having trouble with spectrum satin speckle blistering. I use Laguna clay that is bisqued to 04. Im firing in an L & L electric kiln at slow glaze to cone 6. I also tried coyote creamy matte at the same temp and it also had some blistering. I did apply kinda thick so could that be part of the problem?
  6. Update...I replaced the middle relay switch and that was the problem. All elements working great now.
  7. My L & L has been firing very slowly and stopping with an error message when glazing. I checked all my elements and they were glowing an dseemed fine. I changed all of my thermocouples because i bought the kiln used and they seemed a little old. I loaded the kiln and started firing and noticed that i have Two elements in a row rhat are hot firing at all. Im new to all this and my question is, could i have pulled a wire loose in my element wiring while i had the box open fixing thermocouples?
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