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  1. Daaaaamn,, Ok, I'm really glad for the info. I'm recalculating here... Yikes, good luck with your move Sam. Kristi
  2. Neil - Are we really looking at almost 8,000 lbs.? If this is the case, we're going to have to do something different than we were planning... kristi
  3. Sam - excellent food for thought. Any ideas how heavy this bad boy is? I'm happy to hear about the cost/firing, etc. I'm feeling like I love the kiln and should move to Prunedale just to make things easier! Ha, ha! You'll be moving yours as well? Are you crazy or something? I appreciate all suggestions. We have another option for shelving along the way (Modesto) and will probably look into that. I didn't consider the shape of the other shelves, they do look pretty crusty. What's a good price on used, but good condition 12 x 24 shelves? Oh good Neil, I'll look at that link for the weight. Thanks Kristi
  4. Thanks Neil - good to know about the burners. I'm trying to find info about the weight of this kiln. West Coast Kiln Co. , it was a front loader at one time, and then converted. This is all I know. I'll keep looking for any kind of specs. We loaded up the bed of our Dodge Ram 2500 with a water tank full of water, I'm estimating 2500 lbs. of water, drove through Sardine Canyon to Ogden. Truck took it like a champ. My guess is that this kiln is heavier than 2500 lbs. I was thinking we could load the kiln into the bed of the truck, and have the car/rails on trailer. i don't know, just trying to make this work. Don't really have $1500 to rent a bigger truck. Hmmm. Yes, the kiln will be outside, but we will have easy access to power. And happy for the safety systems on the Ward burners. Thanks Neil! Kristi
  5. Great info Mark C. - thanks! The Oly is out. Sounds like it's "Prunedale, here we come!!" Also, will look into the forced air burners. We're at 4500 ft. elevation (Logan, Utah), and could use the oxygen. I guess we'll see.., fingers crossed. I really appreciate your input, Thanks again! Kristi
  6. Mark - The Olympus has 8 burner/blowers. The West Coast car kiln, 4 propane burners. Would that be enough? The holes aren't cut yet, we would do that. Then, we would need blowers? My inclination is the car kiln. Hubs - Oly kiln. Hub's says we can move it. Lift rental, or whatever. To the point, Is the West Coast kiln better than Oly? K.
  7. Mark - I learned from my father the art of negotiation. I will bring him a kick-ass gift, make friends, and then an offer. I think we should be able to deal. Do you know anything about this kiln? What do you think? I know we can reinforce it, but it will have to be on a trailer from Ca. to Utah. We have a boom truck at our disposal in Logan. I will offer less, what would you suggest? I can be very diplomatic, and in a friendly way offer less... My husband would be so very much happier buying, rather than building. I think this may be our option. Will let you know how this pans out! K.
  8. Thank Mark C. - Park Silly is a fun show, hoping to see a couple of Sunday's there in July. I appreciate the support for the inside and arch suggestions, and will have to confer with hub's. In that case, we will probably end up doing something crazy!! Will let you know how it ends up! Kristi
  9. Neil - Hey homeboy - Logan is beautiful, eh? Ok, I really need to talk to people at University. I've taken Lifespan for a year now, and back in early 90's, ceramics for a few years. I'll let hub's in on info here. I'd love to make it a class kiln building project! Just need to get over my shyness... Thanks for your insight Neil! Best, K.
  10. Neil - All good things to consider. Yes, we have a concrete pad in a rural(ish) area. It will be propane fed. My husband feels confident that we can move it, however, it will be moved 1000 miles. I have been reading, looking at vid's about building. My husband wants a kiln that I can fire without having to build. The other one we have been looking at is the Olympic DD-30 for sale used in San Diego. That one has 8 burners with blowers, I think. The West Coast kiln has no ports yet. But has 4 propane burners that have not been used, bought 20 years ago. No blowers. I'm not worried about being able to fill it up. I can fill it up. I'm still trying to track down information on West Coast Kilns. I have been getting pots fired at my local community art center. I make 60 bowls 11" x 3.5", drive them greenware to kiln (a couple of blocks away), where potter friend loads kiln for bisque. Then I glaze them at art center, then they are glaze fired. I consider the price to be reasonable, but the amount of time and space that I have to glaze, and a few other problems have made this not satisfactory. I also like to do sculpture approximately 23" x 15", I've been tag teaming my resources and have been getting these fired at the University. (USU), Logan, Utah. I would like to go larger with the sculpture. I would love to fill a kiln with 10" x 9" face jugs. The more the merrier! I hope to do art fairs in the western states. I've done local gardener's market in Logan, Utah and had a great show in Park City last year. I just need a kiln to fire my work. I am running into difficulty having the time allowed to glaze once my work is bisqued, and at the University, they don't want to fire production work (understandably). I have potter friends that would love to add to a load. One in particular, soon to retire from school system, will be without a kiln and is looking for firing capabilities as well. So, I would have help with cost, etc. I am reading Frederick L. Olsen's Kiln Book, and would love to one day tunnel into the side of a hill! But for now, we are looking at buying a kiln. My husband is feeling my frustration and is dead set on buying a kiln. We are planning to leave next Thursday to San Diego to buy an Olympic DD-30. But just this morning, he saw the West Coast kiln for sale in central Ca. which is closer to where we are coming from, and closer to where we are also going to be visiting family next week. This second kiln West Coast, car kiln (modified), had 35 +/- shelves. I actually think the price would be relatively the same for either (if my negotiating skills are successful). I don't know a lot, but think the West Coast looks like a more substantial, better kiln. I'll send pics of both kilns, and my work. We are hoping to get more comprehensive photos from West Coast kiln guy. I have pics of both kilns, but my work has too many MB, will work on that.
  11. Down-draft conversion. Work in progress. You finish. Outside Dimensions: 64" across; 54" deep; 76" height. Inside Dimensions: 50.5" across; 39.5" deep; 46" height. Kiln Car Floor Dimensions: 29" across; 39.5" deep; 46" stackable height. Includes shuttle car and track, 4 new Ransom B4 burners (propane), and 38 +or- 1 inch x 12 inch x 24 inch Kiln Shelves (some cracked). Kiln wash was used. These are the dimensions.
  12. Hi - I'm looking to buy a kiln. I am wondering about this one: West Coast Kiln Co. Conversion. Was a front loader, changed to a car. It needs to have holes drilled to fit four burners (pictured). I would love any advice/info. The other kiln I am looking at is the Olympic DD-30 in San Diego. I have been warned about this one, but am desperate to fire. Best Regards, Kristi
  13. Thanks for talking me out of the Alpine, guys! I'm looking at this Olympic DD-30. At least it's inside! Anyone know anything about these big boys? Any info is appreciated!
  14. Thanks for talking sense guys - sometimes my optimism is misplaced! I have another to ask about! I'll post it in a minute. K.
  15. I'm looking at an Alpine gas kiln HF-16. It will be my first kiln, to learn how to fire. I'm wondering if anyone has information on these? It looks a little rough, but probably functional. What warning signs do I need to look for? Does anyone know what is supposed to be on the top?
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