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  1. Just had a customer contact me about a mug they purchased of mine from a local store. Here is what they said " I washed it in warm water this morning and, after hand drying it and letting it sit on the counter, I noticed it started making sounds almost like a clock ticking or a subtle pop." I have never had this happen to mugs that I use (that I have made) and it is the first ever customer to get back with me. I def have had some vases ping (I admit, took them out of the kiln too soon) but have really tried to let the kiln completely cool before removing items. It's a white stoneware and I used a Mayco white matte that has been used on other pieces. Guess I am a little upset because this is my first problem with a piece. Definitely want to make it right for the customer. Gaahhhh! Any advice or insight? Thanks!!
  2. I am new to glazing. I purchased a bucket of clear glaze. It was advertised as cone 6. I fired a few pieces (I know - should have done a test fire) and got blistering all over the pieces - some popped. In looking closer at the fine print, it is a cone 06 glaze. Can I retire and save these pieces? Or any help anyone can give. I know I should be chastised. Be easy on me. Thanks!
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