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    tbaa reacted to Min in Luster or Metallic over glaze   
    @tbaa, if you don't have access to fire reduction lusters then perhaps these might be more what you are looking for.
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    tbaa got a reaction from Callie Beller Diesel in Luster or Metallic over glaze   
    Oh - got it.  Not quite what I was looking for, but I will get a book or two and see how this  works on ceramics, and rough surfaces.  Thanks for pointing me in this direction - it would never have occured to me....  (!)
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    tbaa got a reaction from Rae Reich in Bubbles on glaze mixture surface   
    I'll check on the spodumene and lithium - and make a note of both points !  The rubbing alcohol is what I tried before...  I used a solution - and will try it neat and diluted.  thanks for the tip about vinegar as well.  What a relief, I can go ahead with glazing!!!  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
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    tbaa reacted to Min in Bubbles on glaze mixture surface   
    @tbaa, any chance your glaze has spodumene in it? Spodumene often comes with soap residue from the processing of the material. If there is spodumene in the glaze then I would suggest washing it before using it. Going forward, weigh out the amount you need for the recipe and then add a lot of hot water to it and give it a thorough stir. Pour off the water and repeat but this time let it sit for a few hours before pouring off the water. This gets rid of most of the frothy bubbles. Spodumene is very slightly soluble so don't leave it sit around in the washing water for days and days.
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    tbaa reacted to liambesaw in Bubbles on glaze mixture surface   
    I get bubbles in my glazes that have lithium, wonder if it's processed with soap too?
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    tbaa reacted to Callie Beller Diesel in Bubbles on glaze mixture surface   
    If you have a little hairspray bottle, a shot of rubbing alcohol does the trick neatly. I usually have some around to clean off my production list whiteboard. 
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    tbaa reacted to Babs in Bubbles on glaze mixture surface   
    hairspray will do it, a Min or Pugaboo tip.
    local....nearest store thought I aas gonna have neat hair for once.....
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    tbaa got a reaction from Rae Reich in making my glazes and failing   
    Yes, most things are available, but the quality is uncertain.  And being new at this, I have no way of telling what it should be.  I would like matte glazes.  Yest, the original is matte, though the pieces near the flame were quite glossy.  
     I quit trying reduction  as the glazes werent working, and I figured getting the hang of kiln and the firing process  should come first.   (1st time i've fired this kiln with some sense of control....)  so maybe I'll try reduction after I get my glazes set up.
    Everything came out great today - again a first!  The Amaco glazes (i have a couple of jars) work well consistently.  Indigo blue float for example.  So I do think the materials have something to do with the results.  
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    tbaa got a reaction from Babs in Gas Kiln Firing Schedule Help   
    two firings, and its not as difficult as I thought it would be!  Still, a LONG way to go, but the above advice helped.  Thanks!
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    tbaa reacted to Marcia Selsor in Firing Schedule, Cone 6 Glazes   
    There is a great article on "Firing Up and Down" in the recent Jan/Feb Pottery Making Illustrated by Deanna Ranlett. It includes some very distinct color differences from a medium firing schedule to down firing. Photos and ramp information included.Good article.
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    tbaa got a reaction from Pieter Mostert in Glazes For Reduction Firings   
    Thanks a ton Pieter.  
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    tbaa reacted to MatthewV in Achieving Blue Stripes With Cobalt Oxide   
    Cobalt blue is a good selling color.
    I usually paint it on my natural white stoneware and finish with a clear coat. The design work can be done on bisque ware with a pencil and eraser. My cobalt solutions are a gram of cobalt oxide, a little china clay, and water. A little bit goes a long way.
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    tbaa reacted to Roberta12 in Achieving Blue Stripes With Cobalt Oxide   
    Brit, I do the same thing that MatthewV does.  Underglaze or colored slip on white bisque then clear over it.  You can draw your lines on your bisque with pencil or mark it off with floral or masking tape......or freehand.  Then apply whatever color you want, then clear over that.
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    tbaa reacted to Babs in Achieving Blue Stripes With Cobalt Oxide   
    I put on on top of a majolica, is as sharp as your hand is steady!...
    Usually cut the cobalt with a bit of frit, iron for a softer blue and stir between brush strokes.

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