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  1. I break my oopsies into bits. My husband and son mix cement, adding Elmer's glue to their mix. I collect aluminum pie tins or buy them for a dime each at thrift stores. We pour the cement into the pie tins and top with broken ceramic. I have about 30 stepping stones in my garden punctuated with shards of color from god knows what went wrong.
  2. Hello. Having trouble uploading photos dinky enough for this website to harvest. Any suggestions? I mean, they're from an iphone, no big deals, but too large to post here.

  3. Attaching one piece of clay to another (my hand shakes, I'm so nervous!); wedging seems really hard; have no idea how to make faces or body shapes when everyone else in the studio can do dogs and leopards and rabbis. I also can't seem to upload a photo of my work dinky enough for this website.
  4. OF COURSE! As a culinary professional, I hand built platters and serving ware based on the recipe that will look great in the shape, contours and colors of the glaze!
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