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  1. Darran

    Laser cutting molds

    Trying to develop a new technique for laser cut sprig molds.
  2. Darran

    Gold fox

    Hi Glazenerd Nothing so complex. I just glazed first then rough gold leaf around the edges then when brused back I just added the wax that didn't stick to the glaze or gold leaf. A really simple technique. With gold leaf being so cheap it's fun to play with.
  3. That's brilliant. You have a good eye and some steady hands. Top work.
  4. This is brilliant. Wouldn't look out of place in a hammer horror movie.
  5. Hi old lady Just having a look at your designs, beautifully done, I love how fluid and effortlessl you make it look. I'm firmly in the maker camp looking enviously on at you artists types. These would easily transfer to a mold but the designe would be raised. Let me know your ideas and I will be more than happy to do some for you. Thaks Darran
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