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  1. Hello I know you lot are all over the world but with the Internet and apps such as Kodi on smart TVS you can watch any TV you like. The BBC has just started showing the British Throwdown. A weekly pottery knock out competition. Don't worry it's not a brash x factor type thing, it's very sedate and British Link ; http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08d6ddy
  2. Hi Nerd. Yup in putting a larger piece together. Some to be a lot of competitions around at the moment in the UK. Fingers crossed
  3. Have you all seen the competition being advertised. Looking forward to seeing whi enters. The ceramics world has taken an interesting turn in the past few years. Lots of new techniques and designs, all built on the shoulders of the craft people that went before them. http://www.britishceramicsbiennial.com/content/award?platform=hootsuite
  4. Morning Nerd. Took on board all the adice you gave. Despite requests I don't sell any of my work. You have to steal it off walls or happy to do art swaps, and it seems to be working. Had a meeting just last week with a museum who want hands on educational pieces. All the street art piece are take within days, so I must be doing something right. Thanks again for all your support. Darran
  5. Morning Larry, The way things are going over here at the moment you could probably get Buckinghamshire Palace for $50 and a big mac. When evey thing collapses we can at least make a living bartering out pots.
  6. Darran

    Laser cutting molds

    Trying to develop a new technique for laser cut sprig molds.
  7. Hello everyone. In April this year I first picked up a ball after clay since playing with play dough as a kid. I tried to come up with new techniques but my lack of knowledge soon showed. I turned to this forum help and was overwhelmed by the advice and support. Well I took all your advise on board and this is how things are turning out now. You lot rock!
  8. That would be brilliant. Thank you so much. Will message you over the weekend.
  9. Hello As you all know I've been banging on about devising a new technique for making laser cut sprig molds and more recently putting portraits onto clay. With the never ending support from the forum these techniques have been tried and tested are as good as I'm able to get them. There are loads of pics in my gallery. I keep getting asked to write the process up for an article for the magazine but I just don't know enough about ceramics to put it in the correct format using the correct language and terminology. I've only been playing with clay for a few months. Is anyone interested in leading on putting an article together. I can provide any photographs and a technical step by step guide but it would probably need to be re-written for the ceramic community. Full credit for the article will be given to you, my role is just the helper monkey. Thanks in advance. ....again. Darran
  10. Hello Nancy You got it in one. The image is laser cut onot wood which then becomes a press mold. So simple
  11. I love this forum, it's so inspiring. Following on from the community challenge and lacking in any artistic tallent I decided to take the maker approach and try a technique used in other mediums. I'm not knowledge enough to know what this is called in ceramics or what other ceramic makes use this or similar techniques, but I know a forum who will.😉. Thanks yet again
  12. Darran

    Gold fox

    Hi Glazenerd Nothing so complex. I just glazed first then rough gold leaf around the edges then when brused back I just added the wax that didn't stick to the glaze or gold leaf. A really simple technique. With gold leaf being so cheap it's fun to play with.
  13. The gold leaf is put on with a size glue. This often comes free with the leaf sheets. It can take anything from 10 min to 24 hours to become the right stickiness for the sheets. The gold wax is just rub n buff which couldn't be easier to use and the review show it being quite rugged outside. Will feedback once the tiles have been up for bit. That's if they are not stolen first, apparently that's the sign of interesting street art .
  14. Hello I've started tinkering with gold leaf and wax finishes for some street art tiles. They seem great at finishing fine detail and add a good pop of colour that you cant get with glazing. The fake gold leaf is super cheap these days I got 300 sheets in 3 colours for £5 on ebay, so seems rude not to. Being a complete newbie I would love to know other members experiences of using them and any hints and tips. Thanks in advance. Darran
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