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  1. Hi Evelyne, I have been looking high and low for someone with experience with adding materials to clay - and when you said you added pebbles to your clay *bing*. I wanted to know what you have experienced with adding dark river pebbles to clay. I once saw a potter make his jars bleed black by placing stones in his porcelain jars (not sure if they were kneed/thrown with it or inserted). Any tips? Re sand topic. I have used black piha sand in high fired porcelain and brown clay and it works fine. On certain glazes it creates the speckles and on some others it bleeds black. Jason
  2. Yes, please share your experience. I am also curious as to how the temperature affects the iron filings.
  3. Hi guys, I am fairly new to ceramics and to this community. I wanted to ask if anyone had experiences/knowledge around sprinkling iron filings on pots with wet surfaces - right after glazing. Is it food safe? I know that there are glazes with high iron content but wanted to achieve a uneven effect with bigger speckles. This idea came about while watching and reading about a father and son potters from K. H. Wurtz. Here's a link of the video: On their website under their bio they mention the use of iron filings sprinkled on pots too. Any information about temperature, type of glazes, type of clay and their effects would be much appreciated. Regards, Jason
  4. Hi guys, I am thinking of buying a shimpo whisper and would like some recommendations/advice on the shimpo VL whisper (also known as the RK-3E?) vs. the shimpo RK-3D. I like the RK-3D for it's ecstatic compact look that reminds me of the old RK wheels but I wanted to know if there is any difference spec wise i.e. quieter, stronger, faster, etc? Can you please advise some of the pros and cons? Many thanks, Jason
  5. Hi all, I am fairly new to pottery but wanted to try throwing different clay bodies in various difficulties. One thing that really fascinated me are high grog content clays. The coarser the better. I came across this moon jar that I wanted to attempt but wasn't sure how I could come up with it. The artist said it is a mixture of porcelain and abereiddi stone + white jun glaze. Can someone advice on how I can get this clay body? http://www.adambuick.com/shop/miniature-moon-jar-50/ Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Jason
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