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  1. Hmm, maybe I will go with the ceramic clay. This is my kiln, along with my case of sculpting tools.
  2. Hey guys, I found a few of the books you guys recommended to me, and I'm wanting to try my hand at hand-making a small tea service. I don't intend to put these pieces in my kiln, they are strictly for practice as I find my preferred workflow. However, I do NOT want to have to buy ceramic clay because it's quite expensive for my needs right now. (I don't need to be buying expensive clay when I don't even intend to fire the pieces I make yet.) My local Walmart has a 10-pound block of modeling clay for sale for around 6 bucks. I was thinking of trying that out for my practice pieces. What do you guys think? Is modeling clay a good practice clay when you don't intend to fire your pieces?
  3. Hey guys, I'm kind of a wannabe artist just starting out. I ordered a small kiln with which to fire my pieces already. I'm wanting to start with small hand-made (no wheel) plates, mugs and bowls. Can anyone recommend some good books that teach this process?
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