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  1. I think that's what I will do, many thanks Marcia. I had been reading a lot of materials by folks who were using various waddings and kiln cookies and such, and got carried away down that path - first of many Homer Simpson moments I'm sure... doh...
  2. Many thanks Neil, much appreciated. I'm hoping to make functional ware really but was suckered into making some Christmas Decs for a local cause. I had a small stockpile of stoneware clay and associated glazes, which are really better for mugs/plates etc, but didn't have the budget to run out and buy new materials. This is not something I'm planning to do on a regular basis. I'm planning to fire to cone 9 because that's what's recommended for the clay I have, and since I bought glazes to match that, I thought I'd have to follow through. Apologies for my ignorance, I have a ton to learn.
  3. Hello all, after a few months of lurking and dreaming about getting started, I've gotten to the point where I can finally make some things. Got the kiln wired in and it's all looking very clean and crisp - my question is, has anyone ever used commercially produced tiles as wadding? I want to keep those kiln shelves in tip top order and I am hoping to fire a bunch of flat Christmas decorations, much like the one in my avatar. They are made from stoneware, because that's what I have to hand (hoping to progress to functional ware) and will fire to cone 9 i believe. I have some commercially produced glazes to suit, and I was wondering if I could set these on top of some inexpensive tiles that I already have - the tiles appear to be unglazed quarry tiles. I'm planning on careful application to just the front of my ornaments, but just in case some of the glazes run, could I use tiles do you think? Many thanks for any replies.
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