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  1. Hi thank you all for the replies. Yes Neil, I am single firing to cone 10. But the porcelain looks whitish gray at the end of the firing not the nice white that southern ice yields. And my work isn't super thin. it is southern ice and it says it should be fired to cone 9 or 10, that is why I went so high but I wouldn't mind if I could fire it to a lesser temp.. The L&L costumer service guy told me to bisque it but he didn't sound too sure himself. But I think his advice is wrong. Because even though there was no loss, the color is way off. Do any of you have a suggestion on how I should fire next time. The slow bisque preset on the kiln takes 12 hours and I am putting in my greenware bone dry... It hasn't been contaminated, this has happened with another batch of southern ice. It looks grayish in real life than the pic attached. My camera just sucks lol.
  2. I am new to using my own kiln, I have an electric one. I use cone 10 porcelain but I don't glaze, I just underglaze. The porcelain after being fired to cone 10 does not come out very white and this is southern ice so it should. The only thing i can think of is that I am putting on a bisque setting till cone 10 (which was recommended by the company L&L Kilns) since I don't do any glazing. Can someone help me out here? Please? Thanks in advance!
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