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  1. Hello, I am relatively new to ceramics and just setting up a home studio. All experience thus far has been at studios with the studio's clay and glazes. In researching I am becoming a bit worried about which glazes to use on food contact surfaces. I don't plan to mix my own glazes right now and will be buying a few to try out. It seems as though the safest choice for food contact surfaces is a clear or white liner glaze. Any recommendations for commercial versions if these or other advice? Also any sources or suggestions for further education are much appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much Callie. This is very helpful!!
  3. Thank you LeeU!! Do you only glaze and fire during the coldest months, or do you hand build? Any problem with having clay and water year round in that setting/temp? I am thinking about using a 3 bucket system and also wonder about clay storage/use during the colder months. I plan to use Hardi backer as well. I think so too; I'm really excited!
  4. Hello, I am hoping to set myself up with a home studio and am doing research on equipment, location, supplies, etc. I have taken several classes over the last few years and have spent time in open studio but feel like I just need to do my own thing at this point. My option for keeping the process out of my house (which is a priority) is a very small pool house that has water and electricity but not heat. We do not use it for much except access to toilet. It has several windows, shelves, sink and even a refrigerator that we dont use . The tiled floor space is just enough to fit a small kiln and wheel with not much left over. We drain the pipes and do not use the space in the winter. Winter weather here gets quite cold at times with an average in the low 30s. So before I go ordering everything...is it feasible to throw and fire pottery for at least 8 to 9 months of the year in this setting? I'm considering a Bailey stx wheel and skutt 818 kiln (that's the largest I can fit in the space). Any advice on supplies and equipment (or anything else) is appreciated. Also looking at kilns and ventilation, do I need to vent the kiln if I can just have the windows open and remove myself from the building? If I use something like the skutt envirovent can I simply point it out a door or window instead of placing through the wall? Thanks so much for the guidance. Feels like I'm taking a big leap with lots of experimentation coming!
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