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  1. Thank you for all the information! It seems like the basement with a closed area is my best option. It will be small, and really no room to expand, but I think I could manage. I had the same plan about leaving shoes at the door. I will not be using any canvas. I had purchased some hardibacker board for wedging and reclaiming. We have baseboard heat, so the air filters would only apply to the central AC, I believe. It looks like from some other posts that they do not filter particles small enough to help with silica? Also, I will have the basement window, but I am confused about the use of that window and/or a fan to help the situation. When is it good to exchange the air and when does it stir up more dust? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I am new to ceramics this year and would like some advice on home studio safety. I have taken several classes and have now purchased a wheel to throw at home. I am very concerned with safety. My options for a studio at home are a sun porch or the basement. The sun porch can be closed from the rest of the house for the most part, but is usually walked through to get to the back yard and patio in the warmer weather. It has great light and would be pleasant to work in, but can be cold (lowest 55 degrees to keep pipes unfrozen) or hot depending on time of year. The basement is unfinished and has dimmer light, but is more even in temperature. My husband has offered that he could build some walls to make a small room in the basement if I feel that is safer. What are thoughts on which might be a better home studio with safety being my number one priority? I am very concerned with dust inhalation, and plan to keep things very clean. I have teenagers in the house. I want to keep them safe. How concerned to I need to be about dust travelling even if I am very diligent with wet cleaning? I love to work with clay and really enjoy the process, but the safety concerns are dampening the joy I have found in clay just a little. I want to set things up so that I can feel joyful in having the chance to work with clay often and at home. Thank you in advance for your sage advice. I have already used these boards to gather so much valuable information!! R
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