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  1. There's always converting to fuel... I'm in the same boat as you Dharsi, out in the middle of nowhere. When I got my new downdraft I ruined the first 4 loads and felt very alone. Pottery Mecca may be far away, but there are probably potters around you closer that you don't know about? That's what I found (yippee!). Cathi
  2. Is there a regional potter's guild in your area? You can probably put out a plea, combined with an offer of dinner and a nice bottle of wine, and get a potter with a bit more electrical troubleshooting savvy to come have a gander...
  3. Charles - thanks! My dad honed his engineering skills at IMB back in the day. One of my family's "hobbies" is combat robots - you know, those things they put in a pit together and fight? So he's got lots of experience and materials for fabrication. I have 2 wheels, a Laguna motorized kickwheel that's about 10 years old and that I throw on, and that old handmade one that I was given this last summer. Its quite storied... It was built by Paul Quyle of Quyle Kilns in Murphys, Ca for his wife Joyce. I don't know how long ago (maybe 30 or 40 years?) and its the wheel she learned to throw on. Here's a photo of her on the wheel: http://www.quylekilns.com/about_us Last summer, Pamela Quyle was lamenting a lack of space for classes and said she was going to have to throw out that old wheel to make room. I offered to take it off her hands, which she liked because its sentimental. I love having a dedicated trimming wheel in the studio, and also really love its history.
  4. Terry - if you're talking about the silver thing on the wall of *my* studio, its an extruder. All aluminum, made by my pops. I thing the cylindrical thingie in Mark's studio is also an extruder.
  5. Wow - what a charming workspace Mark! I'm envious. My studio is on my back porch. Its about 27 feet long and 8 feet wide, but I have a lot packed into it! 3 views... Looking past the wheels. Slab roller, wedging work table on the right, bread racks used as ware racks on the left. The long shelf along the left wall is great for drying ware in the sun. Standing at the slab roller... The wheels on the left, sink and workspace and storage shelves. Beyond the sink, on the outside of that wall is another semi-enclosed porch area I use as my glazing area. Oh...and here's the view from the wheel of an evening I have a concrete slab in the driveway that corrals the kilns, and a sink and pick nick table out there, which is nice for rakuing and potting with friends.
  6. Hey Sprig...try this: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/clay-tools/throwing-tools/making-multiples-using-templates-to-throw-uniform-shapes-on-the-pottery-wheel/
  7. I'll definitely do some testing! I can use standard bone ash for that, right? Mark - hoping not to glaze. If I were then I'd use a glaze that calls for bone ash. But I was hoping just to do colored clay. 10% sounds perfect! Thank you both!
  8. Thanks Mark - can you give me an idea of ratio, either to wet clay or dry? Yeah...fluxing is my concern.
  9. Can I mix some portion of cremains into porcelain without whacking out the clay body too much? I'm wanting to make some memory beads and would rather not glaze them. Oh...can either fire to cone 6 ox or cone 10 redux. Thanks!
  10. I stretched out a spring and then strung it on a coping saw frame. Makes it like a big wiggle wire cheese cutter. I have a couple items I make that I cut off the bat with it and besides being a nice finishing touch, it really helps prevent S cracks.
  11. Thank you all for the input! I've also heard of folks using "wads" of kiln fiber under flat pieces to allow them to move. I don't usually have a problem, but I'm starting to play with some tray and plate forms and so am looking for ideas. Have a great weekend everyone!
  12. Yeah, I recently got "Ash Glazes" by Bob Tichane and am hoping to spend some quality time with it next time I'm rained in. Thanks Mark!
  13. Thanks Mark! Let me check with Quyle and see if they have any hanging around, and if not, I'd love to get some from ya! And thanks for the heads up - I'd hate to screw up Precious or her new shelves
  14. OK - last one. Introducing ash into the kiln. I probably shouldn't do this in my new Olympic kiln right? http://www.kazegamas.com/flashing%20slips.htm I'm assuming I'm going to do something to the brick/shelves/posts that won't be good for future non-ash-introduced cone 10 firings? Thanks Gurus!
  15. OK, simple question time... Firing a downdraft kiln to cone 10. I have some flat pieces that I want to be able to move on the shelf during the firing and I hear tell one can sprinkle sand on the shelves to facilitate that. Is this special Potters Magic Sand, or something I can get at the hardware store? Anything I need to be aware of?
  16. I spent the last couple weeks spiffing up my work area. Used Christmas cash to buy some new shelves for the studio and some big glass jars to store glazes in. That was a great time to give the studio a good cleaning and start the year fresh. I was given a storied old home made kick wheel a few weeks ago, so that's been added to the studio - its nice to have a dedicated trimming station and a wheel for nieces and whatnot to play at. The glaze area got a new, double-tub sink and sprayer and now has hot *and* cold water (great, since its outdoors) and that means the driveway - er kiln yard - now has a sink for raku and other purposes. Woo hoo! I got my first check from the gallery up the mountain, and right away bough a new Slab Mat and some pokey things. Oh! And my local clay supplier gave me 100 pounds of porcelain in exchange for replacing the keyboard on their laptop! I'm getting ready to load the new downdraft kiln for its 4th firing. The first was OK, the second was way over-fired and not surprisingly the 3rd was very under-fired. Wonder what this load will bring. The firing after this one is going to be all shino glazes I think. So, yesterday was spent throwing dog bowls and tea bowls. I've also been doing some hand building for raku pieces - the local Ace Hardware gave me a piece of embossed wallpaper and I've been playing with that. Today, a little more throwing and then I have a whole lot of glazing to do!
  17. When trying to throw a new or unfamiliar form, I draw the form on my mirror. I use a magic marker and draw it so that when I sit at the wheel, the image appears right next to my wheel head. It really helps!
  18. GREAT info! I have fired my new downdraft 3 times with mixed results, and I expect its in part because I am not loading it fully enough. Saving for more shelves to remedy that. Your pics are really helpful!
  19. FWIW, here's what I did for a quick, cheap and easy spray booth... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.417445012878.195322.344268547878&type=3
  20. OK - more help please... 3rd firing of my new kiln. Olympic DD9 downdraft, propane. I WAY overfired my last load so am being more cautious this time. I'm using this as a guide: http://clayarts.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=1263521 I was at 1600f, with the 2 upper peeps closed and the lower one open. I can tell I'm having a big issue in temp difference top to bottom. The outside of the kiln is hot to touch on the top half, but cool to the touch on the lower half. I can even put my finger in that lower peep hole. I've been closing the flue periodically trying to get some air/flame circulation top to bottom and now have it closed about 3/4, which seems like too much (this is not a redux firing, and this clay body does not like an early redux), but I am not smelling anything that smells like its reducing, and I don't seem to be getting circulation. Gage is at 3.5 psi and the flames are blue going in but yellow inside the kiln. How can I even out the temp? Later, the next day... Well, that was a less-than-spectacular firing. Cones 8 and 9 down on top, 10 bending. No cones down on the bottom. 1 exploded mug (on the top shelf of course, so it could rain down on lower pieces) and 2 cracked foot rings. 1/2 the pieces underfired. sigh...
  21. I added an additional peep hole to my kiln and need a plug for it. Standard ones don't work because there's an inch or so gap between the kiln brick and the exterior steel jacket. I've tried cutting one from soft brick, but it crumbles when I try and get it as long and narrow as I need it. I've rolled up a piece of kiln fiber, but it degrades every time i remove it and I really don't want to work with that stuff more than I need to. can I make one from grogged cone 10/11 stoneware?
  22. Camuam, Its kinda long, and basic, but at our last Raku-o-Rama the local public access guy showed up and filmed a little doc. There's some footage of a couple of the participants doing horsehair on a piece. Cathi
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