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My art seems to be an infinite journey. When I stop and look at the road I've traveled so far, I can see that each of my works is just a breadcrumb I've left behind - not so much so I can find my way back, as to show where I've been.

After studying drawing and printmaking for some years, a required class in 3D art led me to my True Love, clay. Formal classes and an apprenticeship helped me get to know the medium better. Now it's time to take all that and find my voice. I work mainly in locally produced stoneware clay, producing functional and purely artistic works both on the potter's wheel and hand building. I use a high fire reduction kiln, as well as Raku and other alternative firing techniques, as the pieces direct me.




Currently animals are my subject.<br style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium;">From quick clay sketches just for the mud pie joy of it, to commentary on the interesting times we live in, they work for me.

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