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  1. On the southwest type pottery I see part dull black and part gloss black,how is this done,thanks
  2. The product for marbeling is avalible from Rynne China in Hazel Park Mi 248 542 9400
  3. Spencer you mentioned white commercial terra sig,what is this.I've always wondered why someone hasn't sold it commercially.
  4. I want try the ferric chloride fuming but want a formula,is it just deluted with water,alchol or what and what ratios are used? I've ordered some F.C. and I see it comes in a powder form not a liquid as I had thought. thanks
  5. They were all low fired,the question is why they flaked. I have bird houses and bird bayhs that I sell and I don't want these things happening again.
  6. I've left several pots outside and half of them have glaze flaking off while the other half is fine?Yes it did freeze several times but there wasn't any water in them.
  7. I'm curious about sand blasting pottery,when is done,how,etc. Anyone done this? Or know of a site where I can get information.
  8. I have gotten some clay from a river here in Mis.,its very black and think it came from the sediment a the bottom of the river because they are pumping it up for the sand,anyway I've processed it and rolled out a slab about a quarter of an inch to see how much it would shrink. It didn't shrink much but cracked big time,what should I had to it? It's very plastic as far as rolling around my finger.
  9. I just cut one in half using a Harbor freight chop saw with no problem and it had the blade that came with it (for metal)
  10. I use wax resist on the bottom of glazed pots but the senior center I attend uses Parrafin wax in a hot electric skillet and the ceramic store in Gulfport won't fire anything for you with either on them. So whats up with that? And if useing any which one is best for the kiln? thanks
  11. Could you please clairify your question? The piece has been bisqued,it's a litle dull now and I want to shine it up but don't want to fire it again.I've seen some pieces that have been waxed and they look very good,that's what I want.
  12. I've got a piece that's been bisqued and I want to wax it just as it is,what type of wax is used for this?
  13. Yes,yes I would also buy antique brass....rhoyt@cableone.net
  14. Why isn't terra sig for sale? I'm mixing some now but how long will it last after the process?
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