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  1. Thanks LeeU I hadn't even thought about the stool so thats great advice! Emma
  2. Thanks! I've been researching into the Whisper and it does look excelllent! Have you had any trouble with the splash pan leaking though the join? Thats the only negative I've heard about it Emma
  3. Thanks so much for all of this Carole I'm all set up studio wise and I've got a nice rack of shelves which are perfect for drying pots/fired mugs. I've had a read through some of the posts but I will carry on researching and looking, Its a big investment so don't want to rush into it! Thanks for letting me know about the Brents, really interesting that you can tell difference between the machines. Emma
  4. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and considering buying my first potters wheel this year. I already own a kiln (a Comet ECO P59240-E from Pottery Craft) and have been hand building for a little while. I'm just coming to the end of a 10 week throwing course and feel that a wheel is the right step for my little online shop. I went to view a 2nd hand wheel this week but quickly realised it was big and noisy, because of this I'm leaning towards a Shimpo Whisper but I've also read great things about Brent wheels. I'm used to throwing on wheels with bigger splash pans - because of the smaller size does it normaly get quite messy? Can anyone reccomend models of Brents to look at? Are they noisy machines? As these wheels don't tend to come up 2nd hand I'm thinking of buying new - my shop has around £1200 to spend but could spend more if the right wheel came along - is this a healthy budget? I found when I was buying my kiln there were lots of little bits that I didn't think about buying which all added up! Should I be expecting this with the wheel also? Thanks in advance and any info/tips/recommendations (for any wheels!) would be useful! Emma
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