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  1. Post the recipe if you want help on how to fix this. Pictures make it easier for people to help you too. I think the problem was that they suggested using reclaimed dry glaze OR stain. They just went on the assumption that everyone would use the glaze that already had flux and people would know to add flux if they were just using stain. So, my bad, of course. I did a bunch of tests and finally got it to where I had added enough flux that it fused and didn't come off. I would have liked to have posted pix of what I was looking to do, but I can't seem to get pictures to load. Sigh THANKS so much! So much to learn and so many failures just get so frustrating.
  2. Thanks, Min! Yeah, that was something I was wondering. It seemed odd that it said it was going melt into the clay on its own w/o something to actually melt. I'll add some frit. Stay tuned!
  3. THANKS for the suggestions for reading some of the Hopper books. I finally got one. I look forward to getting a few more. I discovered this technique I've always liked but never new what it was called so I've been trying to emulate it for the past few weeks. Cuerda seca. I found a recipe on a site for making my own black wax to use for the lines which was just some black stain in emulsified wax resist, but following it and then after firing, the black just came off as if like dry charcoal. I fired on ^04 earthenware bisque to ^05 ramping up at 200 per hour. What did I do wrong? the recipe called for the resist to be of a paste consistency but I can't help but think that contributed to the lack of adhesion. It's so hard to find information on this technique. Especially in english. I'm going to be firing few tests tonight of the wax resist at a few different thinner viscosities. But I was hoping that I might gain some insight from your brains. THANK YOU!!
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