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  1. Well, I thought i would give an update as there may have a break through( fingers tightly crossed). I was asked to do some further checks: Check the elements for ohms - no ohms recorded on any of the element circuits. This lead to a check of the toogle switch with the fuse out - it didn't trip! Well that was like sunshine on a rainy day! A further check then the toogle to transformer. Fuse back in and the black wire from the toogle switch to the transformer disconnected, fuse in, lid up, lid down. No tripping. Yay!!! Suggestion now is that it's the transformer. Replacemen
  2. Hi, I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has posted in response to my query. There have been some leads to some amazing ceramic artists. Thank you all.
  3. Hi, That's how it arrived from them when they sent the replacement element? I sent pics of these but they didn't comment. Is it a problem? Should it have have come braided, might that be causing the problem?
  4. Wiring inside kiln, luckily took pics as company suggest I send them. Also yes just one element which broke just before where it joins the nuts, bolts, connectors, etc.
  5. Hi Peter, replied as best I can in line below. Thank you Alondene: after the incident: - was the plug's 13A fuse blow? - yes, blackened, melted. - was the supply-side MCB (circuit-breaker) tripped - no as double socket had built in RCD however that socket is completely fired and needs replacing completely.MCB fine, consumer board fine. All working fine. - what exactly had happened to the RCD? Was it tripped, or just fried? - as above - fired, blackened, plug had slightly melted in socket. - was there any evidence of tracking/shorting/singeing/arcing/failed-insulation/etc when you
  6. Wow! I am bedazzled and thank you all for all of the thoughts and suggestions. I think however I need a kiln repairer to come and look at this rather than get the electrician back at this point. I don't like messing with electrics at this type of level, it's way above my current understanding. I can clarify a few points though. The refitted plug is a 13 amp and the fuse has fired and has not foil wrapped round it. New from the store. When the kiln was retried after fitting the plug, it was tried on a seperate socket for power socket circuit (20amp in consumer unit). An RCD was
  7. Hi I'm doing an MA with a focus on ceramics and am looking at how contemporary ceramics can be used as a tool in embedding cultural identity. I'm interested in hearing if anyone has read any current, recent research around the use of ceramic vessels as communication tools or has read about how ceramic vessels are currently used in ceremonies, rituals or traditions by individuals or groups or where ceramic vessels are seen as objects of emotional value and sentiment due to their function as well as aesthetic ? Lots of historical information and research but not locating current mate
  8. Language difficulties: indeed, plus I'm no electrician, so I'm getting an overload trying to decifier posts. Thank you all, for your responses. No sure how to pull out individual points so going to respond to as much as I can in once. I will show this to the electrician and ask for additional checks. On the parts I could clarify( well I think I am, but it may still make little sense but here goes:- I have a separate consumer unit( circuit breaker USA? ) that comes from the houses main consumer unit. It has apacity for 100amps and have 4 slots for MCB's. Three slots are used, one for
  9. I have an LL Feugo kiln which has been fired around 12-14 times to cone 4/6. Recently it stopped reaching the right heat so I contacted the supplier who said check the element wires. Turned out one was broken, so they replaced it and I fitted it in. First firing was fine, no issues. Second firing which was to cone 10 shorted out at 1260. The plug started to melt in the socket and blow the RCD socket and circuit. I have a separate circuit 100amp for the studio with a 50amp slot for the kiln which is 30amp. The double socket was ruined but the studio circuit board is fine. After refitt
  10. Thanks everyone, I wanted to find out what make as it new to me and I'm just curious. I just like to know what's what. Guy who gave me it said it was 10 yrs old but didn't know what make. I guess it's handy to know if ever I need parts or need to do any maintenance. Plus I'd also like to get a manual for it. Will look at Venco and enquire at ceramic review. Thank you all very much for your advice.
  11. Hi, Good point, I'm am based in London, UK.
  12. I am looking for some help please. Does anyone know what make this wheel is or have any information about it? I have looked everywhere to see if I can find the make or any info on this wheel but can't find any similar. It has no name on it or badges. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  13. Hi Deirdre, Tried a sample of terra sig on bisque and results were good. Never considered that it would work on bisque and applies really nicely. Colours remained the same strength, they are pastel shades. Tried to attach pic, not a very good one but hopefully gives you an idea. Hope your trials go well.
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