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    Min got a reaction from Benzine in Just starting out, got a kiln skutt 1018 and a clay boss wheel.. learning all I can f   
    Hi and  welcome to the forum! 
    Studio Operations and Making Work would be a better place to ask for advice than here in the Status Updates. Link to it here, just follow the prompts and if you have any problems just pm any of the moderators for help. 
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    Min reacted to Denice in Gray skies from clouds so much better than from smoke. Happy to have the rain!   
    The smoke it moving out of our area this week,  I finally got to see the sun setting in the smoky sky last night.  Pink sun with grey skies made me feel like I was in a Star Wars Movie.     Denice
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    Min reacted to Benzine in Finally got power back on this morning, after 8-1/2 days without due to the "derecho"   
    Little to no damage to our home or garage to speak of.  We lost half of our front tree, which is our only tree, and it kind of fell on our front porch.  However, it just managed to dent part of the gutter. 
    We also lost a single shingle.
    This definitely gave us confidence in the strength and durability of our Century old home!
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    Min got a reaction from Pres in Finally got power back on this morning, after 8-1/2 days without due to the "derecho"   
    I guess the bright side is it's summer and you didn't have to deal with freezing temperatures plus a power outage plus a pandemic. 
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    Min reacted to Roberta12 in Thanks Roberta, I called Rocky Mountain clay and they were very helpful.   
    Good!!!   I do that all the time, contact the glaze people, the clay people, the kiln people.  
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    Min got a reaction from Pres in Following posts on pinholes I came across "Min's down fire". What schedule is that?   
    Hi Michael, I sent you a PM with the information.
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    Min got a reaction from Roberta12 in Finished a bisque of patens, firing was weird. So checked out the elements with the o   
    I bought a new Cone Art kiln a couple years ago, looked great until I changed the elements the first time. Even with being super careful I still managed to chip out some bits along the upper edges of the channels. Maybe one day L&L will be available in Canada. 
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    Min reacted to Pres in Finished a bisque of patens, firing was weird. So checked out the elements with the o   
    I understand that, have been considering a new kiln, but the old on is 30 and doing well. I keep replacing whatever needs replacing.
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    Min got a reaction from Callie Beller Diesel in I’ve recently read the feed about the BelDecal issue. That’s the exact process I’ve u   
    You might want to post your question in the Studio Operations and Making Work section, link to it here. Click on the orange tab that says "Start new topic". This Status Update section is more for just general comments on what people have going on at the moment. 
    There is always something new to ceramics, more than a lifetime of learning.
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    Min got a reaction from Callie Beller Diesel in Just learning how to be "Part of a community"...   
    There is a guide here on how to use the forum if that helps. And @Callie Beller Diesel is in the process of doing a similar one on posting images. Just jump right in!
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    Min got a reaction from Joseph Fireborn in Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you wonderful people.   
    Right back at you and your family Joseph!
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    Min got a reaction from LeeU in Very jazzed!! I just received an invitation to participate in a raku firing this spri   
    Good stuff Lee, way to go!
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    Min got a reaction from Pres in Started a firing last night, something told me no right. I turned it off and waited t   
    Those gut feelings are right more often than not aren't they? Glad it was an easy fix.
    Belated best wishes for your birthday Pres!
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    Min reacted to MFP in have my monstrous stack of glaze samples ready. Have to do one more busque. It finall   
    I did as you suggested and made up three samples with 50 colemanite and 50 of each sample. The colemanite had more chips from the can than I realized in it--so there will be some brown spots but that won't change the major chemical reaction significantly. I also made up three samples of that glaze PeterH posted. The reason I have to do another bisque is because I did not have all the clay samples for testing glazes ready. I had gotten some more  cone 6 bodies since I did the original bisque. So, should be very interesting.  I had also made a lot of little bowls and cups to test things like those above that I thought might make a mess.  I bought some kiln wash from a local vendor....it disturbs me....it's not the silica/alumina wash I am used to. So I didn't want to risk having to grind shelves. 
    Thanks for all your input. As soon as I have those fired samples, I will post them! 
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    Min reacted to oldlady in Hello everyone. Thank you for creating friendly community. So much knowledge and expe   
    the reward for doing all that work is to be expected to do more.   fortunately, you will both enjoy working together to make beautiful things.   you are a lucky man.
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    Min got a reaction from liambesaw in Packed for Big show-van weighs over 11K now with pots and tanks and lead weight belts   
    Have a good trip Mark! (no smoke there so far this summer like there was last year)
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    Min reacted to Joseph Fireborn in Working on a soft blue glaze today to celebrate the gender of my baby on the way. I t   
    October 16th. Yea I guess this is how potters do the gender reveal lol? I don't really know. I just felt like making a nice satin blue glaze to go with my work. Got like 40 tiles in the kiln right now and some nuka test with wood ash.
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    Min got a reaction from Joseph Fireborn in Working on a soft blue glaze today to celebrate the gender of my baby on the way. I t   
    Nearly 8 years and all good.
    So this is how potters do a gender reveal? perfect! When is the little guy due?
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    Min got a reaction from Joseph Fireborn in Working on a soft blue glaze today to celebrate the gender of my baby on the way. I t   
    CONGRATULATIONS Joseph!!!! Excellent news!!!! This makes 2 boys? 
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    Min got a reaction from terrim8 in I burnt hand in the kitchen again! I'm getting a set of protective raku style gear fo   
    Ouch! Heal fast! 
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    Min got a reaction from Pres in How long a tube or coil can you make with a hand held extruder? Which is the best one   
    Hi Rhernan and welcome to the forum. Your question would be better placed in the Studio Operations and Making Work section rather than here in the Status Updates. This section is more for just casual comments about what's going on with people and their clay activities. Pres, the moderator of the Studio Operations section made a wonderful battery powered hand held extruder from an electric caulking gun, this is the link to it.
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    Min reacted to dhPotter in Hello DHPotter- I keep running into the image of your two yellow and red mugs from yo   
    Hey Jeremy,
    In John Britt's ^6 book the recipe on page 148 is not what I'm using. Page 176 is closer to what I'm using. My recipe is straight from the horse's mouth - I took a workshop with Steven Hill 2 years ago. My Red Orange has 9.00 red iron oxide instead of 11.5 the book has. 
    Custer Feldspar.............    46.00  
      Calcium Carbonate...........    17.20  
      EP Kaolin...................    15.00  
      Strontium Carbonate.........    12.60  
      Ferro Frit 3124.............     4.60  
      Lithium Carbonate...........     4.60  
      Titanium Dioxide............    12.00  
      Yellow Iron Oxide...........     2.50  
      Bentonite...................     2.00  
    Hannah's Fake Ash Iron - The book is way different - this is from the workshop.
      Redart......................    56.10  
      Calcium Carbonate...........    29.00  
      Strontium Carbonate.........    10.10  
      Ferro Frit 3195.............     4.80  
      Iron Oxide Red..............     3.30  
      Yellow Iron Oxide...........     2.80  
      Bentonite...................     1.00  
    My firing schedule - slightly different than the book's. No hold at 1700 - I tried it but got what you are getting - bumpy, scratchy surface. The slow climb from 2050 up to temp and the hold at 100 degrees less than top temp is for healing pinholes. It works.
    Segment        Rate F*/HR    Temp    Hold
       1            200         220     30-60
       2            100         500      0
       3            400        2050      0
       4            108        2185^     15
       5           9999        2085     20
       6           9999        1700      0
       7             50        1600     60
       8             50        1500      0
    My clay is a white stoneware, Laguna 609.
    Rules for Hannah's Fake Ash Iron - do not allow any glaze under or over this glaze. However, I can't help but get a little overspray onto the fake ash iron. Do not put on thick - it will blister badly. Seems a light application is better - and that goes for SH Copper Ash also. The fake ash Iron is a tan color when done correctly. I don't care for the Fake Ash Blue - it blisters no matter how it is applied.
    I apply SCMW and C lightly also. Then spray the red orange till I get the chunky velvet look. I spray a light coating of JuicyFruit, about 2-3 turns of the banding wheel and spray on the upper third of the pot. I found glazes with SCMW and C are scratchy without the JuicyFruit. It tends to make the glaze feel soft. 
    In the pic I remembered spraying the Red Orange on lightly to get the yellowish that appears in the vertical lines between the red blotches. I just sprayed SCMW in the vertical lines only - very tight application area.
    The 8% added silica was for a Red Orange liner, but I don't use it as a liner anymore.  
    This order of application is Steven Hill's - Pour liner first and let dry overnight. Spray the SCMW or C on first. Then spray the ash glaze. Then spray any other glazes. Don't be afraid to wipe a glaze off with a damp sponge - even on greenware. Sometimes I want a different color foot. After all other spraying is complete then will wipe down the foot area and apply the different color glaze to the foot only. But if it is white I want on the foot it will be the first glaze applied - My white plays well with colored glazes lightly sprayed over it.
    Have you tried Bailey's Red 2 over SCMW? This glaze lights up more yellowish. The glaze is on Pg 88. I use tricalcium phosphate instead of bone ash.
    Hope I have answered all of your questions. Good luck,
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    Min got a reaction from GEP in Heading out for a well-earned vacation. Goodbye winter! At least for a few days.   
    Enjoy yourself!!!
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