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  1. Over this past weekend I had a conversation with a woman who’s dad has mild dementia. It was at a sale I was doing and she literally jumped when she saw my porcelain polar bears. They are just little standing bears, nothing spectacular. She told me her dad and her have gone on yearly vacations since her mum passed away a few years back. In the spring she is taking him to the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat where they care for orphaned or injured bears. She said he has always loved polar bears but with his dementia his memory is slipping so she bought him a bear to put beside his bed to remind him of the trip they will be taking. Thought it was really touching and appreciated that she took the time to tell me the story even though it made her cry.

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    2. Min


      Thanks Gabby. To be honest I felt humbled with her reaction, wish I had just given her the bear though.

    3. terrim8


      it's definitely a long grieving process - glad the bear helped a bit- maybe for both of them :)  Going thru this myself now with my Mom.  We bring Italian cold cuts, cheeses & olives  & sourdough bread - stuff they don't serve at her care home. 

    4. Min


      I'm sorry to hear that Terri. Not a pleasant part of the ageing process for so many people or their families. It's wonderful your Mom has a caring, thoughtful daughter.

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